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updated 09/22

6th Grade
Homework for absent 6th graders is posted outside of each classroom by 3:30 every day.  Please check outside all 4 classroom doors for your child’s H.W.,  
 You can then go to their lockers to get books, etc.

Math - Keys:
09/22: Integer Project due Tuesday (Moved the day back)
Module 2 Assessment on Tuesday

09/21: Finish reflection notes
Integer Project due Monday
Module 2 Assessment Tuesday

09/20: Coordinate Plane Worksheet
Integer Project due Monday
Module 2 Assessment on Tuesday 

09/19: Finish Absolute Value Packet
Integer Project Due 9/25
Module 2 Assessement on 9/26

09/18: Absolute Value Wkst
Module 2 Assessment 9/26
Integer Project due 9/25

Science - Laird:
09/20: pg 38 #19-20

ELA -Anderson:
9/21:Corrections for Sometimes History is Sadness in Commonlit are due Monday.
Wordly Wise 2 E is due on Friday 9/22
Test over WW lesson 2 on Friday 9/22

Today in class we completed the assignment Masks in Commonlit. (Assessment questions 1-5)

Reminder: Anyone who has not submitted Treacher Collins or Sometimes History is Sadness should complete them and submit them by Wednesday.

Wordly Wise Lesson 2a-d (pp. 11-17) is due on Wednesday.

ELA - Weekley:
9/22: No Homework!

9/20: Wordly Wise 2e, pages 18-21, due Friday
Wordly Wise 2a-d, pages 11- 17, due Wednesday 

7th Grade

Math - Garey:
Class Website: Click Here!

Science - Ganson:
09/22: No homework for tonight or this weekend!

Animal Cell Quiz next Wed. Sept. 27.  Plant Cell Quiz next Fri. Sept. 29.

9/19: Qu. #6, 7, & 8 on Pgs. 24-25 due for Wed. in Science workbook.

9/18: Qu. 3 & 4 on Pgs. 20-21 in Science workbook.

ELA - Bevard

ELA - Vaughan:
9/18:13 Colonies Graphic Organizer due tomorrow

13 Colonies Map Due Wednesday



8th Grade
Math - McAllister:
Enriched Algebra:
8th Grade Math:
Science - Geer:

ELA - Babcock:
09/18: Literary Elements Test- Tuesday

Prepositions quiz- Tuesday

Wordly Wise 3a,3b,3c,3d- Due Wednesday

Wordly Wise 3e- Due Friday

Article of the Week "Why People Share Fake Photos" - Due Friday

ELA- Ballard:

9/18: Literary Elements TEST on Tuesday
Read "The Landlady" on Tuesday

Wordly Wise 3a,b,c,d due Wednesday
Article of the Week due on Friday

Wordly Wise 3E due Friday

1st Independent novel due by Oct. 5th