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updated 02/22


6th Grade
Homework for absent 6th graders is posted outside of each classroom by 3:30 every day.  Please check outside all 4 classroom doors for your child’s H.W.,  
 You can then go to their lockers to get books, etc.

6th Grade Rocks! 6th Grade Cares! Charitable Donation Item of the Month:
Math - Keys:
02/22: Study for Quiz tomorrow
TenMarks due 3/3

02/21: Properties Worksheet
Quiz on Module 9 Lesson 1-4 on Thursday

TenMarks due 3/3

Science - Curtis:
Week of 02/21

#056 IST p. 80-84 skip #12 due Wed.

#057 IST p. 85-87 skip # 17 and 19 due Thurs.

#058 IST p. 88-90 due Fri.

#059 Lesson 1 Study Guide (ISN p. 82) due Fri.

Unit 2 Lesson 1 Geologic Change Over Time Quiz Tues. 2/28 (study the study guide, ISN p. 82)

ELA -Anderson:

ELA - Weekley:
02/22: Finish Benjamin Franklin Questions

02/21: Finish Thesis Statement

7th Grade

Math - Garey:


Science - Diekhoff:

02/13:  Use the link below to finish homework.

ELA - Bevard

ELA - Vaughan:
02/22: Students conferenced with the teacher and worked on their argumentative essays which are due Feb. 28th. At this point, students should have a solid introductory paragraph written, with a rationale in bold underneath it. Students should've begun their two body paragraphs at this point.



Boys: Health Test TOMORROW

8th Grade
Math - McAllister:

Science - Geer:

ELA - Babcock:
Chapter 5 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry study questions- due Wednesday

Chapter 7 To Kill a Mockingbird study questions- due Wednesday

3rd research article- due Friday

Research book- complete by Friday

ELA- Ballard:
2/21: Book Talk Tuesday due Wednesday!

To Kill a Mockingbird   read chapter 7
Roll of chapter 5

History worksheet (The New Deal) due Wednesday

Article of the Week due Friday

Continue reading research project books.