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updated 03/23


6th Grade
Homework for absent 6th graders is posted outside of each classroom by 3:30 every day.  Please check outside all 4 classroom doors for your child’s H.W.,  
 You can then go to their lockers to get books, etc.

6th Grade Rocks! 6th Grade Cares! Charitable Donation Item of the Month:
Math - Keys:
03/23: Story Problem Packet due tomorrow
Module 10 Assessment

Inequality Worksheet
Story Problem Packet due Friday
Module 10 Assessment on Friday

03/21: Finish Inequality Notes in INB
Story Problem Packet due Friday

Module 10 Assessment on Friday

Finish Story Problem Worksheet
S.P. Packet due Friday
Module 10 Assessment on Friday

Science - Curtis:
Week of 03/20

#066 Tectonic Plates Lab due Thursday

ELA -Anderson:

Book jacket due Wednesday 3/22 (library book project- outside class)

Revolutionary Bio due Friday, 3/24

ELA - Weekley:
03/20: Book jacket due Wednesday.

Biographical essay due Friday

7th Grade

Math - Garey:

Science - Diekhoff:
3/15: DNA Base pair worksheet

ELA - Bevard
3/15: DBQ due Thursday

ELA - Vaughan:
DBQ on Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 due tomorrow.

03/22: Please post a reply to two different classmate's blogs on the different perspectives the community offers on the Burdow and Creighton families. 

03/21: I am Poem on abolitionist John Brown due tomorrow. Students will present them to the class. 



8th Grade
Math - McAllister:

Science - Geer:

ELA - Babcock:
3/20: Research paper rough draft- due Tuesday

Reading Log- due Tuesday

Article of the Week- due Friday

Everyday Hero photo- due Friday

ELA- Ballard:
Book Talk Tuesday summary and quote due Tuesday

Everyday Heroes picture and presentation due this week. 

Rough Draft due  Thursday

60's webquest due Thursday

Article of the Week due Friday

To Kill a Mockingbird  final test Tuesday