Autumn Bar presents:

'Let's Go Crazy'

A new bar setup with photographs from

Niklas Taleb

10.12.2021 - 13.02 2022

OPENING: Friday December 10th, 12-5PM

(with lunch and warm drinks, served at the bar, free)

The exhibition is extended until February 13th 2022.

Peach is open every Friday from 12:00 until 17:00 and by appointment.

We know this is a Friday, and on Fridays, you are always busy. But perhaps you can take a small break to have lunch and look at the works with us. Peach and Niklas will cook a warm meal and some sweet things. Food will be served at 1PM.

I hear chocolate chip cookies too.

Niklas Taleb was born in 1986 in Munich. He lives in Essen.

Niklas is an artist and one of the founding members of the collective 'New Bretagne'. New Bretagne & Peach collaborated on a few occasions in the past (see here, here and there).

Peach would like to thank the city of Rotterdam for supporting the program CENTER FOR THE MUMBLE in 2021/2022