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Links & References

  • Prof. Davide Anguita, Associate Professor @ DIBRIS - University of Genoa, email
  • Prof. Sandro Ridella, Retired Full Professor @ DITEN - University of Genoa, email
  • Mr. Giacomo Bottaro, President @ Smartware & Data Mining / President @ Iso Sistemi Group, email
  • Dr. Carlo Dambra, R&D Director @ PROPRS Ltd., email

  • Prof. Domenico Ponta, Associate Professor @ DITEN - University of Genoa, email
  • Prof. Enrique Alba, Full Professor @ University of Malaga, email

  • Smartlab webpage on Condition Based Maintenance - click here
  • Smartlab webpage on Learning Analytics - click here

  • Smartlab webpage on Human Activity Recognition - click here
  • DOGE Big Data and Business Analytics workshop webpage - click here
  • 2013 ESANN Special Session "Human Activity and Motion Disorder Recognition: towards smarter Interactive Cognitive Environments" - click here
  • 2014 ESANN Special Session "Byte the bullet: learning on real-world computing architectures" click here
  • 2015 ESANN Special Session "Advances in learning analytics and educational data mining" click here

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