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Consultancy activities 

  • Expert in International (EU FP7, H2020) and National Co-funded research projects: proposal preparation, consortium setup, budgeting, technical and management support to projects
  • Pre-sales and sales activities, also for startups and spinoff companies
  • Consultancy to startup positioning and planning


A complete list of project which I have been involved in can be found here
  • EU H2020 JTI Initiative SHIFT2RAIL
  • EU FP7 MAXBE - Interoperable monitoring, diagnosis and maintenance strategies for axle bearings
  • Research project between University of Genoa, Smartware & Data Mining S.r.l. and Grandi Navi Veloci S.p.A. - "Development of a Visual Analytics approach for customer segmentation in the freight maritime area"
  • Research project between University of Genoa and ToolsGroup Italy - "Study and design of predictive approaches for demand forecast in the retail domain with incomplete information"
  • National Technological Cluster on Smart Factories
  • EU FP7 EXCROSS - EXploiting safety results aCROSS transportation modes
  • Regional project "Design and development of Data Mining techniques and software modules, based on PMML, for Business Intelligence applications"
  • Research project between University of Genoa and Selex Elsag S.p.A. - "Embedded Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings"
  • EU FP7 ETCETERA - Evaluation of Critical and Emerging Technologies for the Elaboration of a Security Research Agenda
  • EU FP7 PROTECTRAIL - The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport
  • National project SISTEMA - Sistema Integrato Sicuro Terra-Mare (Secure integrated sea-ground system)
  • National project SlimPORT - Sicurezza, Logistica, Intermodalità Portuale (Port security, logistics, intermodality) 
  • EU FP7 ALARP - A railway automatic track warning system based on distributed personal mobile terminals
  • Research project between University of Genoa and Webresults S.r.l. - "Design of a cloud-based tool for Project Management"
  • EU FP7 FET Flagship Initiative ITFoM – IT Future of Medicine
  • EU FP7 EXCELL - Exploring Cellular Dynamics at Nanoscale
  • National project SINTESIS - Sistema Integrato per la Sicurezza ad Intelligenza Distribuita (Integrated system for security based on distributed intelligence)
  • EU FP7 ERASMUS-IP IP DOSSEE – International Erasmus Intensive Programme in Developing Open Source System Expertise in Europe 
  • EU FP6 NiSIS - Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems
  • National project "Algorithms and architectures for real-time tracking and classification of objects implemented on resource-limited hardware platforms"

Spinoff companies  

Smartware & Data Mining   Novigo Technology

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