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Scampi starter

posted May 22, 2011, 1:24 PM by Ghina Bazzi   [ updated Dec 30, 2011, 2:18 AM ]


  • scampi's
  • oil to fry(olive oil)
  • ready made Bisque  of your choice
  • mascarpone , sour cream (creme fraiche)
  • mozzarella
  • butter
  • fine olive oil
  • Thai asparagus or normal asparagus(tips)
  • Basil

Reduce the bisque and  when it reaches more than half its original measure.set aside till ready to use , taste , finish with a bit of butter and remove from the heat , mixing  with a hand held blender .



Clean the scampi's and remove intestinal canal.


Cook the asparagus , and set aside in cold icy water and drain carefully when cooled .


250 gr of mascarpone mixed with a big tablespoon of sour cream , salt and fresh black pepper, when seasoned fold in one and a half balls of mozzarella , making sure you tear it along its natural folds.Set aside and put in fridge till needed .(you may use the mozzarella of your choice , but the higher the quality , the fuller the taste)


To finish , fry asparagus with a touch of oil , and throw in the sliced Basil and finish with a touch of maldon salt .


fry the scampi's in the meantime.


Compose on the plate , placing a spoon of "burrata" , the fried scampi's , the asparagus , and a good amount of bisque .


Finish with fine olive oil , a sprinkle of maldon salt and fresh black pepper from the mill .