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Corsair Force F60 Review

The Force Series SSDs from Corsair is the fastest family in this producer's current offer. These units are equipped with the SandForce 1200 controller 1200, which is the fastest controller available now for performance-hungry users.
Until recently SSD prices were prohibitive, but there are a number of advantages they have over traditional hard disk drives which makes them a good choice:
  • The applications open faster, because access time is much shorter. SSD can deliver virtually instant access to the data on it.
  • Laptops equipped with SSD have lower power consumption, which leads to increased autonomy between charges and extended battery life
  • SSD drives are less susceptible to damage by shock compared to traditional hard drives. If the standard hard disk of a laptop is dropped from 1 - 1.5 m height it can be seriously affected by the shock impact, the same can't be said about SSD drives.

According to the manufacturer, the SF-1200 controller is able to offer transfer rates of up to 285 MB/sec. reading and up to 275MB/sec writing. The Force family includes 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 120GB and 240GB models. The 40GB and 80GB models don't have a temperature sensor built-in.

Here are the specifications from the manufacturer:
  • Maximum sequential read transfer rate: 285 MB / sec
  • Maximum sequential write transfer rate: 275 MB / sec
  • Random writing blocks of 4 KB: up to 50,000 IOPS
  • Support for ATA TRIM command, which requires support from operating system to function
  • It includes support adapter from 3.5" to 2.5" mounting bays for 3.5" (excluding the F40)
  • Three years warranty

The installation of the drive into my Antec Sonata III desktop PC Case raised some issues, because the adapter from 3.5" to 2.5" included in the package only allows mounting screws from the sides and in Antec Sonata cases the hard disk drives can't only be mounted by mounting the screws on the vertical axis, perpendicular to the disk plane. For this reason I mounted the SSD using double-sided tape, inside the 3.5" bay in front of the chassis. Antec and Corsair seem to be working to solve this mounting issue: the newer Antec Sonata Proto is equipped with a special place to mount a single SSD and Corsair says it is aware of the issue and their engineers have been notified about this problem.