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Install Bacula 5 with BAT on CentOS 5

What is Bacula?

It's a network backup solution, offering everything I may need from a open source backup solution. Why do i like it?
- It has the ability to backup data from remote hosts using server-centric configuration, each client requires minimal software installation and configuration;
- It has the ability to store data on files, CD/DVDs, tapes, autochangers, uncompressed or compressed;
- It features command-line and GUI-based management tools, providing job control/reports, media management tasks, version browser, retention policy, etc;
- The backup policy is very flexible, allowing multiple schedules with different backup strategies, using templates or customized for specific hosts;
- Can use different media pools for different backup schedules;
- It is able to backup and restore raw disks (i haven't tested this feature)
And many more features which I've missed now.


Depending on what OS you use for your backup server, installation can be more or less complicate. On there are few precompiled packages available for download, the favourite OSes being Fedora 10 and SuSE 11. If you are using any of these distributions, software installation should work just fine: download bacula rpms, and install it. But if the operating system is CentOS or Redhat, the installation is no longer so easy, if you want to use bat (bacula administration tool).