Student Awards

Student Awards

Last updated June 27, 2011

Purpose: The student presentation awards are to recognize excellence in research and presentation skills among the students in the group.  It started in 1997 and is now a key feature of the group's activity at the CAG meetings.

Eligibility: Membership in the CAG + student OR supervisor must be member of the GHHCSG at the time of the CAG meeting.

Process: This is a presentation award and does NOT currently require that the student submit a paper. All papers delivered by elligible graduate students at the CAG meeting are adjudicated by at least two members who are post-grads.  Elligible students or their supervisors will please identify themselves to the specialty group chair prior to the CAG meeting.  A cash award (value between $60-100 depending on the group's finances) is given to the best paper(s).

Past Awardees

Year Name Presentation Title University Affiliation Supervisor
 2013         Karina Cardona Claros  Manitoba Jeff Masuda
Melissa Giesbrecht  Language, Place, and Care: Examining Interconnections in the Context of Home Care Nursing SFU Valorie Crooks
 Jenna Dixon     Does Enrolment Translate to Access? Evaluating the Influence of Poverty on Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme UWO Isaac Luginaah
 Maria Mukhtar     Promoting Successful Integration among Newcomers: Examining the Role of Settlement Service Providers in the Peel Region     University
of Toronto
 Dana Wilson
2011 (PhD) Jennifer Asanin Dean Census Tracts, Place Names and Postal
Codes, Oh My: Examining Neighbourhood Boundaries Useful in Adolescent Health
McMaster Susan Elliott
2011 (MSc) Fiona Lawson Examining the Spatial Accessibility of Trauma Services in Canada Using Geographic Information Systems SFU Nadine Schuurman
2010 (PhD) Janette Brual Analyzing the Role of the Older Population in Community Development: A qualitative Case Study Queen's University Mark Rosenberg
2009 (MA) Melissa Giesbrecht The Relevance of Scale as an Explanatory Concept: Evaluating Canada’s
Compassionate Care Benefit
SFU Valerie Crooks
2009 (MA) Jennifer Asanin Dean Perceptions of neighbourhood-level determinants of health amomg
immigrants in Mississauga, Ontario
University of Toronto Kathi Wilson
2009 (PhD) Rachel Hirsch Everyday decision-making, pesticide risk perception, and policy preference
in the neighbourhood context
UWO Jamie Baxter
2009 (PhD) Natalie Waldbrook Exploring the Role of Non-Profit Social Service Organizations in
Responding to Local Needs in Resource-Dependent Places in Canada
Queen's University Mark Rosenberg
2008 (PhD) Robert Huish Going where no doctor has gone before: How Cuba's Latin American School of Medicine is meeting the needs of the world's most vulnerable populations SFU  

2008 (MA)

Melissa Giesbrecht Accessing information regarding Canada's compassionate care benefit: A spatial analysis of sites of anticipated need SFU Valerie Crooks
2007 (PhD) Sarah Lovell HIV/AIDS and social mobilization in Ontario, Canada Queen's University Mark Rosenberg
2006 (MA) Jessica McGregor   UNBC Neil Hanlon
Bhavnita Mistry

Canadian media presentations of Walkerton, Ontario's E. coli O157:H7 contamination of drinking water supplies: An examination of language and discourse of Televised News Coverage

Ottawa S. Michelle Driedger
Talar Sahsuvaroglu

Air pollution and asthma in children and adults in Hamilton, Ontario - how different are the effects?".

McMaster Mike Jerritt
2003 (PhD) Nicole Yantzi Negotiating and managing the home as a place of care: children with long-term care needs and their families Queen's Mark Rosenberg
2003 (MA) Michael Kolba The migration preferences of nursing students preparing to enter the healthcare workforce and the Registered Nursing shortage in Ontario. Queen's Mark Rosenberg
2002 (PhD) Valerie Crooks When policy-users are policy-experts: listening to chronically-ill women talk about policy/program use and recommendations. McMaster Vera Chouinard
2002 (MA) Lisa Oliver Do neighbourhoods affect children's readiness to learn?: a multi-level analysis of kindergarten children in Vancouver. UBC Jim Dunn
2002 (MA) Kristin Dall Privatization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services: a study of general practitioner attitudes in Southeastern Ontario. Queen's Mark Rosenberg
2001 (PhD) Janine Wiles Changing daily geographies of informal family caregivers. Queen's Mark Rosenberg
2000 (PhD) Kathi 
Gender, health and place: Exploring connections between the land and First Nations' health Queen's Evelyn Peters
1999 (MA) Daniel 
Understanding how people form their views of risk: Case study of Swan Hills Alberta. Calgary  Jamie Baxter
1999 (PhD) James 
Social status and children's behaviour: Do ecological correlations reflect individual-level associations. Victoria H.D. Foster
1998 Sarah 
Perceptions of Stakeholders Involved in the Environmental Assessment Process McMaster Susan Elliott
1998 Michelle Driedger Coping with Multiple Sclerosis: Geographic Space as Construct and Constraint Carleton David Bennett
1997 Michael 
Infant mortality in Ottawa, 1901: An historical-geographic
Carleton  John Clarke
David Bennett