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November 10/03 - November 2003 newsletter is now online.

August 18/03 Website redesigned!  Jeff Masuda has made a few modest changes to the website to improve its look and navigability.  Comments/suggestions always welcome.  Check out the new "Teaching" page and add your course syllabi for

June 4/03 We are pleased to announce that Kathi Wilson is the new chair of the group.

May 31/03 Student Paper Award - Congratulations to this year's winners - Michael Kolba in the Masters student category and Nicole Yantzi in the Doctoral student category. View details here.

Notes from the Annual Business Meeting - Jeff Masuda (UAlberta) has agreed to look after the website and listserve, and Nicole Yantzi and Mark Skinner (both of Queen's University) will be looking after information gathering for future newsletters. Thanks to all three for volunteering their time to look after these functions.