Fast Track: Central High School GED Day Program

What is it? A program for students over the age of 17, but not yet 20, to obtain their GED certificate. This program is designed for those students who find themselves credit deficient and looking for opportunities for success.
When is it? The class will meet at Central High School on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00am to 2:40pm.
What will I get? We can not guarantee you'll receive your GED at the end of this semester long course, but we can promise that you'll be prepared using the best information available. The work completed inthis class will prepare you for successful completion of the GED test.
How do I get in? Enroll by calling (616) 850-6880 or (616) 850-6800
Other Information:  A GED certificate is equivalent to a High School Diploma. Employers, Colleges and Universities throughout the United States, accept the GED Certificate just as they do a High School Diploma.
To receive a GED certificate, you must pass these five individual tests.
  • Language Arts, Writing (Multiple Choice and an Essay)
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics (Two sections, part one allows a calculator)
On all subjects, participants are first required to take and pass a pre-test with a score of at least 480 before taking the official test. To pass your official GED test, scores must add up to 2250. To pass an individual test you must score a minimum of 410. To receive the total of 2250, you have an average of 450 per test.
-Writing                410
-Reading               500
-Social Studies      440
-Science                450
-Math                    450
Total points-2250/passing score
Offical tests are timed and take between 65 and 120 minutes to complete. Total testing time is about 7 hours.
If you are unable to attend a class, please call (616) 850-6800.
Transportation: You are responsible for your taransportation to and from the program.
Daily Schedule: This class will meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The time will be from 9:00am to 2:40pm. You'll be given a 30-minute lunch break at 11:00am. Lunch is at Central High School.
Attendance Requirement: You must atte3nd 70% of the scheduled class time to take the GED test. If you attend at the 70% rate, all GED testing is free. GED testing will cost you $200 if you decide to do it on your own.
What happens when I get my GED? You've completed high school. You may pursue college, work, or the military as you see fit. We wish you well.
What happens if I don't get my GED? You may enroll in this class until you've reached the age of 20.