Team Members

Founders & Coordinators
 Kevin Griffiths-Boden   Julian Perkins
Kevin and Julian formed Ghanon in January 2004 having previously worked together for another organisation.  Kevin is from Wrexham and Julian is from West Kirby.
Lead Investigators
 Claire Lawton    Katie Burns     Jo Smith         
Claire is from Farndon and is our longest serving member having joined Ghanon in October 2004.  Katie is from Macclesfield and joined us in September 2005.  Jo is from Brombrough and joined back in June 2006.
Core Investigators
Alex Shankland Nicky Bendall Lindsay Steele 
Alex is from Birkenhead and joined Ghanon in October 2010.  Nicky is from Wrexham and joined in May 2012.  Lindsay joined in November 2012 and is from Prenton.
      Sylvia Browne    Dave Brough        
  Sylvia joined in February 2013 and is from Higher Bebington.  Dave is from Llandudno Junction and joined in January 2014.

 John Budge     Carol Budge   Michael Steele

  John & Carol are from Fairbourne and joined in November 2014. Michael joined in June 2015 and is from Prenton.

Part Time & Preliminary Investigators

  Lisa Sullivan    Hannah Jones  Izaac Perkins

Lisa joined in November 2010 and is from Bromborough.  Hannah is from Eastham and joined in March 2011.  Izaac is our newest recruit having joined in July 2015.