Local Haunted Inns



Albion Hotel, New Brighton, Wallasey (now demolished)

There have been many incidents reported at the hotel, the most recent being the sighting of a figure on the balcony above the bar. Other sightings include an old man (named Cliff) walking the bar area and a young boy & girl have been seen playing "ball" on the dance floor in the function suite; Cliff has also been sighted in the cellar. Staff have reported the disappearance of food after having been sent down the shaft and during renovation work in February 1998, light bulbs were mysteriously unscrewed, objects were moved and doors opened of their own accord. There is also an alleged story about two dolls located in one of the rooms on the second floor (no access due to health and safety reasons) and it is said if any person moves them, it brings bad luck or death within six months.


Halfway House, Childer Thorton, Ellesmere Port

Reports of the paranormal activity here suggests a lady in white who has been seen in the snug gently gliding through the wall into the lounge, before sitting then gradually disappearing.  There has also been sightings of an elderly grey gentleman in the pool room, peering from the window.  On the upper floor, it is reported that a tall man wearing dark clothing has been seen looking out onto the stables.   The sound of a stagecoach has also been heard making its way through the now blocked off entrance at the side of the pub.


Leasowe Castle, Moreton

Many years ago, a family feud ended with a man and his child being imprisoned in one of the rooms.  Rather than having to face the probable reprisals, he killed his son and then committed suicide; many guests staying in this room have reported seeing the two figures.  Unexplained noises have also been heard on the stairs outside the room.  There are other rumours about the castle regarding many secret passages running throughout the building, and it is said that these passages are haunted.


Worsley Arms, Birkenhead

The pub is said to be haunted by an old man who has been seen sitting at the table opposite the window and there have also been sightings of a young girl by the fireplace.  In the cellar, people have reported the sensation of being watched and gas bottles have been mysteriously turned off when nobody else has been present.  There has also been activity reported on the third floor.




Bickerton Poacher, Broxton

This 17th century inn supposedly has a ghost that haunts the area of tables 11 and 12, it is also said that animals will not go near this part of the pub.

Fiddle I'Th Bag Inn, Burtonwood

Built in the 1600's, the unusual name of the pub refers to a seed fiddle, once used by farmers to sow corn.  One of these implements, together with a canvas bag for the corn, is preserved in the bar, and both are depicted on the inn sign.  The main road was built by the American Airforce whom were based at Burtonwood, the original country lanes were too narrow to manoeuvre their heavy equipment.  We spoke to the management who informed us that there have been many recent reports of paranormal activity; bar staff have experienced being "poked" and "pushed" and the kitchen staff have witnessed the doors swinging open of their own accord as if someone has been coming in or going out.


George & Dragon, Chester

The building was built in the 20th century on the site of a 1600 year old Roman cemetery.  It is said that the sounds of heavy footsteps have been heard marching through the building, supposedly those of a Roman legionary who was never relieved of his sentry duty.

Headless Woman, Duddon, near Tarporley

Going back to the time of the Civil War when Oliver Cromwell visited the area, his mission to wipe out the royalists.  A family loyal to the king living at the nearby Hokenhull Hall fled in fear of their lives, leaving their maid Grace to look after all of the estates wealth. Grace, being a dutiful servant to the family took it upon herself to hide the sliver and finery somewhere for safekeeping. Grace was captured by Cromwell`s men and tortured to find out where she had hidden the valuables, but being a loyal servant to her masters she never told. Cromwell's men angry and frustrated that their efforts had seen scuppered beheaded the maid. Grace has been sighted walking with her head under her arm, along the old path from Hockenhull Hall to the public house now known as the Headless Woman.
Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

The ghost of a young boy supposedly haunts this pub on Lower Bridge Street, especially room 4.  Also in this room it is said that unexplained messages appear on the mirror.  In room 6, items tend to mysteriously disappear and one witness claims they seen a shadow-like figure at the end of the bed.




Boar's Head, Mold

Many unexplained events have occurred at this pub.  Bar staff have reported having their hair pulled, barrels have been moved around in the cellar when it has been locked, footsteps have been heard and knockings upon the bedroom windows.  Also in the bar, the ghost, who is known as "George", can be heard tapping his pipe into the fireplace, strong smells of tobacco and gin have also been reported in this area.


Golden Lion, Rossett

The legend of Old Jeffrey is documented in many paranormal books and it is his ghost that is said to haunt the pub. A criminal who was gibbeted on Rossett Green in the 17th century, his corpse was left hanging in the village for years until a group of men decided to take it down and bury it on the village green. The gibbet was broken up and some of it became part of the structure of an outbuilding which is now The Golden Lion (one of the iron staples can still be seen jutting out of one of the interior walls). The pub has had various poltergeist-type activity over the years such as glasses mysteriously smashing, ornaments and wall decorations being thrown, etc. Old Jeffrey himself is often seen quietly standing in ploughman's dress in room 2 above the bar or occasionally on the landing outside.

Trevor Arms, Marford

There are many stories relating to the bedrooms in the main building of the pub.  A man who stays regularly at the hotel woke up in the middle of the night and could sense someone sitting on the bed and some of the housekeepers have also experienced similar events when attending to rooms on the top floor.  Other reports include two similar incidents in room 7 and room 10 whereby guests waking up felt they were being pushed down, a female figure has been seen outside room 8, and a cleaner says she has seen an old woman wandering about the ground floor.  A male figure wearing a hat has also been seen under the archway between the outbuildings to the rear.  Although the pub has had many recent unexplained events, it is the village itself that is more commonly known for it's "gingerbread" style houses, each with a cross on at least one wall of every house, some have crucifix shaped "witches windows" which were apparently to keep out the ghost of Madam Margaret Blackbourne (aka Lady Blackbird) who is said to stop at each house, tapping on the windows and peering in.