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Security Information

The 'flag counter' that displays visitor information is a free service from Depending on your internet security settings, this may cause a warning message to be displayed such as one of those shown below.

IE7 warning

Click Yes to allow flag counter to operate.

IE8 warning message

Click No to allow flag counter to operate.

This problem occurs when an 'https' (secure encryption) site includes 'http' content (non-secure). In this case, it is because Ghana Place Names is hosted by and information is being downloaded from To avoid seeing these messages again from this and similar websites, follow these steps:

1. Visit to assure yourself that it is a trustworthy site.
2. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options.
3. Select the 'Security' tab and then click on the 'Custom Level' button.
4. Scroll down until you see the option, under Miscellaneous: 'Display mixed content'. Select 'Enable'.
5. Click 'OK'. Then you will get a 'Warning!' pop-up. Click 'Yes'.
6. Close 'Internet Options' by clicking 'OK'.