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AuthorTitle, Date, Format & LinkSubtitle / Description / Comment
Batoma, AAfrican Ethnonyms and Toponyms, Vol.10, 2006, pdf"... An Annotated Bibliography” - with a useful introduction on the purpose and value of toponymy.
Blench, R Dagomba Plant Names, 2006, pdf An index of wild plant names in Dagbani & Latin with notes on usage. 
Burton, RF & Cameron, VLTo The Gold Coast for Gold, Vol.II, 1883, html, pdf "... A Personal Narrative"/ Vol.I concerns the voyage and is not relevant.
Burton, RFWit and Wisdom from West Africa, 1865, pdf"... a book of proverbial philosophy, idioms, enigmas, and laconisms"
Cardinall, AWThe natives of the northern territories of the Gold Coast, 1920, pdf&"... their customs, religion and folklore"
Christaller, JGEnglish-Twi Dictionary, 1909, pdf&Originally part of "An English-Tshi-Ga-Dictionary" edited by Rev.J.G.Christaller in 1872.
Christaller, JGA dictionary of the Asante and Fante language called Tshi, 1881, pdf&"... with a grammatical introduction and appendices on the geography of the Gold Coast and other subjects"
Dupuis, JJournal of a residence in Ashantee, 1824, pdf&"... comprising notes ... chiefly collected from Arabic mss. and information communicated by the Moslems of Guinea"
Ellis, ABA history of the Gold Coast of West Africa, 1893, pdf&A number of place names have meanings footnoted, though some may be inaccurate or speculative.
Ellis, ABThe Tshi-speaking peoples of the Gold Coast of West Africa, 1887, pdf&"... Their religion, manners, customs, laws, language, etc."
Knox, AGlossary of geographical and topographical terms, 1904, pdf& " ... and of words of frequent occurrences in the composition of such terms and of place-names" - a handbook for the world toponymist.
Nafaanra Literacy ProjectNafaanra Dictionary, GILLBT, 2000, pdfA 1259-entry dictionary with example phrases.
Rattray, RSAshanti Proverbs, 1916, pdf&Despite the now-unfortunate subtitle this is a mine of traditional wisdom, translating and commenting on 830 of Christaller's original collection of 3600 proverbs.
Rattray, RS  An Elementary Mole Grammar, 1918, pdf& "... with a vocabulary of over 1000 words"
Reindorf, CCHistory of the Gold Coast and Asante, 1895, pdf&"... based on traditions and historical facts : comprising a period of more than three centuries from about 1500 to 1860"
Ring, Casali & NniakyireComparative GTML wordlist, undated, pdfThe Swadesh-200 wordlist for 12 Ghana-Togo Mountain Languages, and in English.
Westermann, D
Wörterbuch der Ewe-Sprache, pdf&
Ewe-German Dictionary
Zimmermann, J
A Grammatical Sketch of the Akra- or Gã-Language, pdf&
"and a Vocabulary of the same, with an appendix on the Adaŋme-Dialect"