About Us

Ghana Place Names is a research project open to all
 who have an interest in or knowledge of Ghana.
The aim is to find the meanings & origins of as many place names in Ghana as possible.
If you would like to take an active part in the project, email the Project Manager.
See subpages for details of consultants, researchers and schools.

... are needed to attempt to translate place-names where local knowledge is not yet available. Please volunteer if you would like to try this.

... are needed who will be prepared to ask questions about the names of places in their localities, home-towns, or other areas that they visit. 

... are needed in participating schools to supervise and co-ordinate the research undertaken by students. Letters have been sent to many schools in Ghana to invite them to take part in the project as an extra-curricular activity.  If your school has not yet received a letter it may be that your school address is not known to us. Just email or write to the Project Manager if you would like your school to join the project.