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If you're looking around the website to see what's new, check the update list below.
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29 September 2017 Daboyeri First record to include an embedded Street View 
22 July 2017 Kusaal New page added to introduce Kusaal place names. 
17 May 2017 Place-Named Products A new page has been added with examples of products named after places, such as Bolga Baskets. 
14 April 2016 Religion A new page has been started to illustrate the influence of Religion on place names. 
13 April 2016 Alphabetical Index An alphabetical index of all online place name records has been added to facilitate quick access. 
19 January 2016 Toponym Template New and updated toponym records will now have a small Google map in the top RH corner for quick location. 
16 January 2016 The Database Ghana Statistical Service district maps have now been uploaded and linked to the list of district names 
15 October 2015 Toponym Template From today, all toponym records witll have the record date appended at the end. 
21 January 2015 Toponymic Dictionary New page added listing word elements found in Ghanaian toponyms. 
9 January 2015 On The Line A new page, listing places in Ghana which lie on the Greenwich Meridian. 
25 December 2014 Toponym Template Online toponym records from now on will have Wikimapia links in addition to IndexMundi. 
13 September 2014 Twinned Towns A new page has been added listing Twinned Towns. 
5 September 2014 People & States Section added on Peoples of Ghana with links to external sites 
28 July 2014 Toponym Record Online records added or updated from now on will have GPN id (for reference purposes) and Elevation data included.. 
23 October 2013 The Database Online toponyms have been updated to modern spellings wherever possible. 
14 August 2013  Heterographs & Allonyms New fields added to toponym records for heterographs & allonyms. 
18 July 2013 The Database Significant allonyms are now being included on the region subpages to allow for changes in place names.  
5 July 2013 Translation Issues A new section has been started to enable extended discussion of translation issues affecting more than one toponym. 
2 July 2013 News The sub-page 'Message Board' has been deleted and posts transferred to the general 'News' page. 
18 May 2013 Lake Volta Page added for the 52 VRA resettlement townships. 
15 May 2013 Lake Bosomtwe Page added for the villages around the shore of Lake Bosomtwe. 
7 May 2013 The Database The region sub-pages have been renamed to eliminate obsolete suffixes, e.g. .../brong-ahafo-2/ becomes .../brong-ahafo/. For a few days this will produce errors in Google searches. URLs can be corrected by just deleting the numerical suffixes.  
4 May 2013 Regional Capitals A page has been added to show the 10 regional capitals on a map, with links to their toponym records. The map uses geocoding from BatchGeo. 
11 January 2013 Railways New section on railways stations added. 
16 December 2012 Toenajile For future toponym records & updates links will be included to the district unique website at, as in this example. 
10 December 2012 Progress New page added to show progress map. 
19 November 2012 Akwaaba! WELCOME page added. Email your 'welcome'! 
26 October 2012 The Database District list updated to reflect 2012 changes. 
23 October 2012 Ga-Dangme Page added. 
4 September 2012 GTML This page now includes all 12 GTML. 
21 August 2012 Roaming Researchers Print your own business cards for GPN using our template. 
9 June 2012 Mole-Dagbani Page added on place names in northern Ghana. 
29 September 2011 Languages & Location New section added on spelling called 'Practice versus Principle' 
6 September 2011 People & States A list of traditional areas has been added, based on the membership of the Regional Houses of Chiefs 
20 June 2011 Tree Names Started list of tree names which occur in place names. 
15 June 2011 Rivers in Ghana Sidebar edited to remove broken link 
28 May 2011 Feedback Feedback blog added for your comments 
16 May 2011 Languages & Location 'Introduction' has been renamed 'Languages & Location' 
29 April 2011 People & States New page started to give etymologies of people names used in place names. 
26 April 2011 The Database Toponym records added for AR & ER, completing initial upload of 243 place names from GPN offline. 
23 April 2011 The Database Toponym records added for WR, BA, NR & CR 
19 April 2011 Message Board Photos being added to toponym records. See Message Board. 
18 April 2011 The Database Records added for UE, UW, VR & GA Regions 
14 April 2011 Message Board Action & commenting system introduced - see Message Board 
13 April 2011 The Database Subpages created for all District Capitals for which information is available (84). 
11 April 2011 Ashanti Started adding district capitals to database - follow links. 
6 April 2011 Ga New page on Ga names.  
4 April 2011 Markets New page added on Market names 
24 March 2011 Input Section restructured 
22 March 2011 Forts & Castles New page started on Forts & Castles 
10 March 2011 Eponyms New page started for eponymous towns 
26 February 2011 Introduction Subpages Akan & Ewe added. 
24 February 2011 Introduction New section started to explain common place names 
18 December 2010 Message Board For members to ask questions or make announcements 
11 December 2010 Place Lists Place lists for all map squares now available online. 
29 November 2010 The Database Region capital info added (see sub-pages). See News > Toponyms 
18 November 2010 Online Library More reference works added 
18 November 2010 Proverbial Places Two new proverbs added 
15 November 2010 Contact Us New page added for message facility 
8 November 2010 FAQ New page to answer incoming questions 
7 November 2010 Map Squares Uploading of scans completed 
4 November 2010 Map Squares New page; uploading map scans 
2 November 2010 Proverbial Places New page started 
1 November 2010 About Us 'Schools' is now a sub-page; new sub-page 'Researchers'  
29 October 2010 Queen Anne's Point Kwesi Hanson relates origin for place name 
26 October 2010 Facts & Figures Lowest Inhabited Place added 
25 October 2010 Birthplaces New page added 
24 October 2010 Places in Perspective Enjoy 100-pic slideshow of Ghana 
22 October 2010 Names on Stamps New page added 
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