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  C1 IM Nzema East Municipal District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -2.207   4.84 On the coast dues south of Agufo.

Indig. Lang. Source Lang.
Nzema Nzema
domunli = lime tree, sp. Citrus Aurantiifolia
USAID: "The people of Domunli are believed to have migrated from Egyambra, a nearby village in Ahanta West District. They first came to the chief of Akonu requesting for a place to settle. At that time, the people of Akonu had a very big lime tree at the outskirts of the town (currently at Domunli). It is believed that during the time, when the women at Akonu menstruate, they were not allowed to stay in the town and were confined under that big lime tree for the whole of their menstrual period. So when the people from Egyambra approached the chief of Akonu and asked for a place, he just told them to go and settle at the area where the big lime tree was hence the name ‘Domunli’ which means ‘lime’ in the Nzema language."

Document USAID, "Report on Characterization of Coastal Communities and Shoreline Environments in the Western Region of Ghana", Sept 2010