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  C1 IM Nzema East Municipal District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -2.241   4.868

Indig. Lang. Source Lang.
Nzema Nzema
1. essim = you told/know me
2. edo erze meo = do you know me?
1. B&C: "Axim, preferably written by the Portuguese 'Axem,' was by them pronounced Ashim or Ashem .. Barbot calls it 'Axim, or Atzyn, or Achen.' The native name is Essim, which, in the language of the Mfantse or Mfantse-fo (Fanti-race), means 'you told me,' and in the Apollonian dialect 'you know me.'"
2. USAID @ URL: "In the olden days, ships from Europe used to stop over at Axim just in front of the current GHAPOHA Light House on the sea to offload some of the goods to the then GNTC at Axim. So it happened that when the ‘whites’ were walking through the town and were greeting the Nzemas, the latter would respond ‘edo erze meo?’ which literally means ‘do you know me?’ So the whites who continuously heard ‘erze meo, erze meo’ and because they could not pronounce it very well, they corrupted it to ‘Axim.’ The Fantes also later corrupted the ‘erze meo’ into ‘esem’. Source: Interview with Chief fisherman of Apewosika."

Document Burton, RF & Cameron, VL, "To the Gold Coast for Gold", Vol.II, 1883