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Ve Golokuati

District Capital
Heterographs Golokuati (1962); Golokuali, Golokwali, Golokwati, Kolokwati (GNS); Golokwati (GSS, 2012)
Allonyms Ve Golokuati (MOFEP, SB)


District & Map (GSS)   
  H6 IM     WM Afadzato South District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
Place Type
0.4386 6.9973 151 Community


Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Ewe Ewe
golo = bag; ku = hang, hook; ati = tree: Bag Hanging Tree
The SB heterograph is seen in Street View on the District Assembly signboard. This is supported by the etymology and is therefore preferable to the 2012 heterograph.
N.Edwards in PA, p.32: "In his keynote address at the conference which was the occasion for these essays, Brathwaite urged participants to think of the event as a ‘golokwati’, a meeting place of ideas, a crossroads of difference, debate and exchange. Like so many of Brathwaite's terms, the word is both old and new; it is the name of a Ghanaian market town, but in his redeployment it assumes an ecumenism of thought and intellectual inquiry that is present in these essays."
URL: "Golokwati refers to a place in Ghana that is a crossroad meeting place for people from all the tribes in the region."
Kamau Brathwaite in M.P.A.Burrowes, "Golokwati Conversations: An Interview with Kamau Brathwaite", World Literature Written in English. Vol. 39.1 (2001): "Golokwati is a place where you stop on a journey between one terrain and another, between desert and forest, between savannah and valley, between freedom and slavery, because that’s the place where the slaves were captured in the interior, used to stop on the way to the final moment at Elmina Castle."
Etymology supplied by FK (private communication): "Place where the bag is hung on the tree bough. The place being a junction, the people from the surrounding villages meet there to trade wares/goods.They hang their bags/sacks on tree boughs during transactions hence the name."

Document Paul, A (Ed.), "Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite", University of the West Indies Press, 2007

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