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Heterographs Bongo (1962, 2012) Allonyms

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  F13 IM Bongo District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.805   10.911

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Mampruli Mampruli
bohore, bohugu = Python
URL: "The name Bongo came about as a result of the discovery of a large but harmless python that patrolled the town at night. It was believed to be a god of protection. The word python in Mamprusi is bohugu and in Frafra bahine, interpreted by Europeans who had difficulty with pronunciation, as Bongo."
A.I.Azabre @ production-and-inve.html: "Oral tradition had it that, the word originated from a black-spotted snake that resembles a python called 'bohore' in the original dialect. It is believed that, after the great great grandfather had discovered this fertile, but rock-hilly land, he was running on the hilly land and unknowingly stepped on this snake. He expected the snake to have bit or disturbed him, but this snake rather turned friendly, lying unperturbed about the step on it. Then, he said to himself, this snake is a blessing, a sign of peace and an indication of a fruitful land. He therefore chose to name the place after this snake, 'bohore'. Hence, the eventual evolution of the 'boosi' people in the land of Bongo."