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Heterographs Sanguyili (Sanguli) (GD); Sanguli (2012)
Allonyms Sanquliyili (PM)


District & Map (GSS)   
  H10 IM     WM Tatale-Sanguli District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
Place Type
0.4772 9.4727 157 Community

About 14km NNW of Tatale. Position obtained from Poverty Map.

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Konkomba Mixture
Sanguli = clan name, former home town name; yili = house, home, compound: Home of the Sanguli People
Suggested meaning.
This toponym is presumably that which forms part of the district name.
The Poverty Map heterograph is presumably a copying error for 'Sanguliyili'.
URL: "It is believed that the Sangul people migrated from yet another Konkomba clan also known as Sanguli (but with somewhat different dialect and culture) and located about 15km to the north of Saboba. During their migration, they were believed to have sojourned at a location now found in the present day Republic of Togo for such a long time that their original Sangul dialect and some traditional observances and practices were adulterated with the dialect and beliefs of the people they settled with. With time these adopted dialects and traditional observances evolved to become the present day Sangul dialect and culture, which stands very unique and well recognizable among all the Konkomba clans. From Togo, the Sanguli people migrated southwards across a small river and initially settled at a small village known as Nkpintaab (literally meaning under the river). This small village is still being inhabited in present day Sanguli. From Nkpintaab, some of the people moved further in search of fertile lands and settled at a location near Nkpintaab and named the village SANGULI, to reflect their identity and unique features. The SANGULI village is now the traditional headquarters of the Sanguli people. It is in this small village that the traditional overlord of the Sanguli people (UTINDAAN) is found."



Last Record Date: 22 August 2017