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Heterographs Dukkaw (US); Duko (2012) Allonyms

GPN id
Map Sq. MapLinks District 
  F11 IM     WM Savelugu-Nanton District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
  -0.833   9.563   159 About 7km S of Savelugu. IM constructed from poverty map & US map NC30-12.

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Dagbani Dagbani
di = do not; ko = farm: Do not farm
R.Blench: "di .. negative particle of the imperative mood, used with the verb stem or the progressive tense, do not"; "ko -ra v. 1. to till the soil | 2. to hoe | 3. to cultivate."
BB, p.6: "Duko, (lit., 'do not farm'), the village in which I lived and carried out most of my field work in 1990-91, lies in the densely populated western part of Dagomba .. It is situated 11 miles north of Tamale .. and 4 miles south of Savelugu. .. In 1990 Duko-village had a population of 371.."
Both the motive and the form of the negative imperative particle in the toponym require explanation.

Document Bierlich, BM, "The Problem of Money: African Agency and Western Medicine in Northern Ghana", Berghahn Books, 2007