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  G3 IM La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.166   5.683 A suburb in the north of Accra near Madina.

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Ga Akan
nkwanta = junction; enan/anan = four: Crossroads
MEKD: p.7, "Madina {q.v.} .. was effectively founded on 14 June 1959, under the leadership of Alhaji Seidu Kardo after he and his people had to leave an earlier village on La land near Shiahi, close to the airport and the motorway. .. Nii Adjei Onano and his successor Nii Anyetei Kwakwaranya II, Alhaji Seidu was given the land at mile 10, very close to the existing La village Nkwantanang. .. There was originally an elaborate plan for the town to develop as an expansion of Nkwantanang, but because relations between these two groups were from the outset very bad, Alhaji Kardo eventually developed Madina without Nkwantanang."; p.10, "The name Madina originally served to distinguish the town from the Ga already there, whose village, ironically, had and still has an Akan name (nkwantanan 'crossroads') .."

Document Kropp Dakubu, ME, "Korle meets the sea: a sociolinguistic history of Accra", OUP USA, 1997