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  G3 IM La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.164   5.682 A suburb in the NE of Accra.

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Mixture Arabic
medina = town
Medina in Saudi Arabia is the burial place of Muhammad.
MEKD: "The town was effectively founded on 14 June 1959, under the leadership of Alhaji Seidu Kardo after he and his people had to leave an earlier village on La land near Shiahi, close to the airport and the motorway. .. The new town was formally named Madina at the request of Alhaji Seidu Kardo, .. As a concession to local feelings, however, the spelling 'Madina' was adopted instead of 'Medina' because this was perceived as less obviously Muslim." (p.8) "In Senegal and other francophone West African countries, a quarter of a town, usually Muslim and invariably with a major market, is often known as the Medina, from an Arabic word meaning 'town'. This usage may have underlain Alhaji Kardo's choice, but it is not familiar to Ghanaians. It is said that he chose it because, like the Prophet, he had been driven from his original home." (p.169)
The town is polyglot.

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