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District Capital
Heterographs La (2012)


District & Map (GSS)   
  G3 IM     WM La-Dade-Kotopon Municipal District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
Place Type
-0.18 5.56 18 Community

About 3 miles east of the centre of Accra

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Ga Ga
La = people name: La People
All older maps have Labadi
AKQ: "The present-day Guang and Ga-Dangme people who live in Greater Accra are believed to have orginated from Benin, Nigeria, having arrived by about the 14th century. The La people are of the Guang branch."
MEKD: "A note on 'La'", IASRR 1969v5n2: "The town, now part of the Accra urban area, which is called La in Ga, drew at least a segment of its founding settlers from old "Lay" [between Prampram & Ada] whence its name. In English, but not in Ga or Adangme, it is called 'Labadi ' .. Also associated with the area is the name 'bone', as in 'la bone' .. apparently the source of the speculation that the Gas originated at Bonny in Nigeria .. it is suggested that the English "Labadi" is a corruption of the eighteenth century Ga form, 'La bode', of which 'La bone' is a direct and regular descendant. In the light of this analysis, the resemblance to "Bonny" appears spurious." A longer discussion can be found in MEKD's "Korle Meets The Sea", pp.5-7 which was written in 1997, after the decision by the La State Council in 1991 to change the name to 'La'.
I.Odotei @ URL: "The author’s collection of oral tradition from Labadi indicates that the Late people originally formed part of Labadi. Whilst in Labadi, their leader Late was unusually fond of causing the death of pregnant women. The Lakpa priest was so enraged at this obstruction to the population growth of the Las that he exiled Late together with his followers into the hills to join the Guan. .. The exiled Late and his followers were called Labadi by the Ga, i.e. Late’s children {Late bii?}."

Document Quarcoo, A.K., "The Lakpa - Principal Deity of Labadi", IASRR 1967v3n3

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Record Date: 11 July 2017