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District Capital
Heterographs Tiasi (GNS); Tease (GD, 2012) Allonyms Fiasi (1962)

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  G5 IM Afram Plains South District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.257   6.930

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Akan Akan
1. te ase = to live, exist
2. mfiase = beginning, commencement
Suggested meanings.
1. JGC: p.298, "ɔ-man-tease-kurow [kurow a eti tetete te ase se ɔman {A town that is very old is equivalent to a state}] a nation of long standing or existence."
JB (p.19) notes "Mantease (Accra Urban Area)" as "Twi, 'old town'". The literal meaning seems to be "the town lives", the implication being that it has existed for a long time.
2. K.Ampene @ URL: "The name of the ancient Wassa state, Fiase, originated from the expression 'mfiase' i.e. ‘from the beginning’."
JGC: p.124, "fi, v. Ak. firi [red. fifi, q.v.] 1. to come aid, come forth, issue, appear"; p.125, ".. 21. fi ase, a) to begin, commence, .. b) to lay the foundation .. c) to begin at the beginning"; p.126, "mfiase, inf. [fi ase, s. fi 21.] beginning, commencement"

Document Berry, J, "The Place-Names of the Accra Region", London, SOAS, 1958
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