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  H4 IM Asuogyaman District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  0.083   6.2

Indig. Lang. Source Lang.
san akyiri = to return, go back; akyi = back: Come Back
One of the 52 VRA resettlement towns. GhanaDistricts distinguishes between Old & New Senchi.
Ogbete has this place on one branch of the migration route of the Akpafu: "Intending to hide or run away from the Akwamus, the Akpafus moved their settlement three times northwards along the Volta, which they called Firao. While at one of the settlements, they heard that their kinsfolk, the Ntchumurus, had attempted to cross the great river. So the Akpafus sent people to see how the Ntchumurus would do it. Some days later, those sent to the Ntchumurus came back with the following tale: the Ntchumurus formed a series of human chains with seven or eight people in each chain. Holding hands, they walked into the river while their leaders stood on the bank shouting directives to those in the water: 'Ot bo oklua mle sankyi ba!' meaning 'if it is rather deeper then come back'. From that day the place has been called Senkye or Senchi."

Document Ogbete, HBK, "A History of the Akpafus", Onyase Press Limited, 1998