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District Capital
Heterographs Kwaben (1962); Kwabeng (GNS, 2012) Allonyms Akyem-Awenare (1962, GNS)

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  F4 IM Atiwa District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.590   6.318

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Akan Akan
1. kwae = forest; beŋ = to be cooked red: The Forest Cooked Red
2. ko = to fight, be at war; fow = to plunder; ben = ?; fo = people: The Raiders
1. URL: "'Our life is good', says a man in the chief’s council of elders, and the supporting evidence is all around us in Kwabeng, whose name means literally 'the forest that was cooked red'."
JGC: p.12, "beŋ. v. to become red by boiling, to be sufficiently cooked, boiled, roasted; to be done well"
The sense appears to be that the forest is mature, ripe, and good for supporting life. 2. Kwame Ampene@ "At Akwanwenem .. a place covered with Akanwene trees .. the leader died shortly after a short reign. The stool became vacant for many years. Successive chiefs were .. Darkwa Woe during whose reign, they resolved to build a new settlement, since they found themselves completely isolated in the dense forest. .. Soon they began to raid their towns and farms. There was inter-town and interclan skirmishes, which degenerated into brutal man-hunts as the men, armed with cudgels rushed on them, ransacked and looted their huts. The assault continued unabated until they consolidated their gain without venturing further. Those who took part in the raid were allegedly water-proof {?}, having fortified themselves with amulets and talisman. Thus onlookers referred to them as 'ko-afow-ben-fo' i.e. 'bullet-proof raiders of plunders'. Eventually, the expression became corrupted into Ko-Aben or Kwaben." The etymology needs further clarification.