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Heterographs Coaltar (GD, 2012) Allonyms Kraboa Coaltar (1962)

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  G3 IM Ayensuano District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -0.469   5.908

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Akan English
coaltar = tar extracted from coal: Coaltar Buildings
The 1962/7 maps show Kraboa Coaltar as a single town, but the satellite image shows two distinct settlements, which are also shown separately on the Poverty Map as Kraboa, to the east, and Coaltar, to the west.
Kwame Ampene@URL: "Tradition relates that in about 1900, a group of migrant farmers from Larteh-Kubease in Akuapem led by Kwao Baadu (alias Kwao Oti) was accompanied by his relatives .. They approached the Chief of Akyem Apapam, Nana Kwasi Dwae .. to negotiate for an outright purchase of land for farming purposes. .. and a large tract of land was sold .. . When they realised that cocoa cultivation was profitable, their children also made absolute purchase of some extended plots of land in the area .. . the children .. erected two mud buildings at the site of the present-day lorry park. They improved upon the structures by painting the outside walls with Coaltar to scour the heavy down-pour of rain. Passersby used to break their journey and lodge with them, and identified the settlement with special reference to the buildings painted with Coaltar, hence the place came to be known as Kraboa Coaltar, previously it was Larteh-Kraboa."
See also Kraboa.