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Heterographs Kasoa (GD, 2012) Allonyms

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  G3 IM     WM Awutu Senya East District
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  -0.425   5.535   25 Kasoa crossroads is situated near the original village of Oduponkpehe.

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Akan Hausa
kasuwa = market: The Market
URL: "Kasoa enjoys a curious relationship with Accra. There is almost no break between the town, whose name betrays its humble origins as a small yam market, for Kasoa means 'Market' in the Hausa language which is the lingua franca of Northern yam sellers who founded the town at a spot previously known as Bawjiase Junction."
GP&FOA: "A very old market, possibly early colonial or precolonial. It continues to grow rapidly .. Many traders have moved here from Bawjiase in recent years. .. The market used to be principally for foodstuffs, but now the goods on sale are very varied. .. 'we are becoming a suburb of Accra'.
The expansion of the market has exacerbated congestion problems for traffic on the Accra-Winneba road, and a new market was built on the Bawjiase road, opening on 15 Feb 2005. However, despite the fact that the old market was demolished, many traders returned to the old 'Zongo' site, arguing that commercial vehicles stop there, so people do not want to make the extra journey to the new site.

Document Porter, G & Owusu Acheampong, F, "Access to market opportunities in Ghana's off-road communities"
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