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  D7 IM Nkoranza South District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -1.708   7.565

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Abron Akan
nkwakoraa = old men; mmiensa = three: Three Old Men
KA-B: "The state of Nkoransa was founded in the 1720's by migrants from the Kumase area {see also Kodie & Swedru, AR}. .. According to local tradition, the new arrivals met some three old men when they finally reached the site of present day Nkoransa. These old men were Sene Diamin, Ampofu and Dasi. They had only one sister called Duoduwaa Amane. To these old men, the new arrivals expressed their desire to settle in the area. It is from these old men that Nkoransa eventually derived its name. ‘Nkora’ in Akan is shortened from ‘Nkokora’ which means "Old men" while ‘nsa’ stands for ‘mmiensa’ (three). Nkoransa therefore means "Three Old Men". There is controversy over the origin of these three old men. Some accounts in the tradition of Nkoransa claim that the three old men were immigrants who moved into the Nkoransa area from Dwenase in Adanse. .. The traditions of Takyiman, Nkoransa and Wenchi agree that the three old men were of indigenous origin. According to the Nkoransa when they first met the old men they (the old men) told their leader, Baffo Pim, that they were the sons of the Takyimanhene. Takyiman and Wenchi traditions also state simply that the old men were the Takyimanhene's hunters. According to the Wenchi account, Baffa Pim met some three old men when he arrived in the area where Nkoransa is situated today. When he asked them where they came from, they told him: ‘We are three old hunters of Ohin Amiyaw, owner of the town Tekiman’."
See also Kodie, AR.

Document Adu-Boahen, K, "Nkoransa, c.1700-1900: A Study of its Formation and Relations with its Neighbours", Thesis, UCC, 1997