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Banda Ahenkro

District Capital

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  C8 IM Banda District
Longitude / °Latitude / °Location
  -2.356   8.165

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Nafaanra Akan
wɔ anda = they did not sleep; ahenkro = king's town: They did not sleep, King's Town
ERM: "The original name of the settlement was Serminakuo meaning 'groups of grasses'. This name was changed to Banda, which is a corruption of 'Woanda' meaning 'they did not sleep'. Ancestors of Banda Ahenkro were allies of the Asante kingdom during wars and they provided a strong military force that virtually refused to 'sleep' during at war times. Later, 'woanda' was also corrupted by the Brong neighbours to become Banda. The settlement evolved to become the chief town or 'Ahenkro' within a collection of Nafana communities."

Document Environmental Resources Management, "Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Bui Hydropower Project", Jan 2007