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Manso Nkwanta

District Capital
Heterographs Manso Nkwanta (1962, GD, 2012) Allonyms

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  D4 IM     WM Amansie West District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
  -1.887   6.467   241

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Akan Akan
nkwanta = junction; manso = traditional state capital, traditional district name: Manso Nkwanta
The meaning of the town name is the toponym itself, because 'Nkwanta' is a common place name, meaning 'Junction', so the identifier 'Manso' is needed to clarify which Nkwanta is the referent. It could be expanded as 'The Nkwanta which is in Manso'.
TCM p.22: "'The King appointed various people to go and guard against the Dankyira. These encamped at Nkwanta-Dome [Manso Nkwanta], Kanniago [Domi Keniago], Atwere, Abori, Ofori-Kurom etc. These settlers found some alluvial gold in the land, and this attracted many more people to the place who formed the District of Manso.' The Manso district of southern Atwema was carved out of the old Denkyira gold-producing heartland. Manso Nkwanta had oversight of the old Denkyira villages westward to the Ofin river."

Document McCaskie, TC, "Denkyira in the Making of Asante, c.1660-1720", Journal of African History, 48 (2007), pp. 1-25