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District Capital
Heterographs Efiduasi (1962); Effiduase (GD, 2012) Allonyms

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  E5 IM     WM Sekyere East District
Lon / °Lat / ° Elev / m
  -1.397   6.850   343

Indig. Lang.Source Lang.
Akan Akan
Fiada = Friday; edwa = market; ase = under: Friday Market
This is a good example of the problem caused by spelling. In Fante/Akwapim Twi 'market' is 'egua' but as JGC notes 'gu' in Ashanti Twi has transformed to 'dw'. The difficulty of pronunciation of 'dw' for Europeans resulted in the anglicisation 'du', which gives the misleading impression that the town has something to do with being under a tree ('dua-ase'), in common with many other towns. OB, Note 7: "Akwasi Boakye-Boaten acknowledged the problem of detecting the meaning of place names. He writes: 'Unfortunately, place names can be misleading if their modern their original gunuine one, especially as a result of changes in spelling. For example, the name Efidwaase, originally meant Efiada-dwa-ase, (which literally means Friday market); but with its contemporary spelling of Effiduase, the word dua-ase means 'under a tree' completely renders the original meaning obscure and incomprehensible.'"

Document Brempong, Owusu, Twi Etymology: A Study in Ethno-Linguistics, Institute of African Studies Research Review, Research Review NS vol.7 nos. 1 & 2 1991