Gregory Hamburg


I play Drums, Oud, Persian Tar, Setar, Baglama Cumbus saz and perform with the Stanford Middle East Ensemble and the Silk Road Caravan.

Performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire with Michelle Reynolds, Karolina Lux and Zoe Zakes

Encouraged to study Middle Eastern Music by the late Santour Master Dariush Sami (whose band I played with at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire) The Mullah Don Brown who I worked for in his tea house at fairs and music camps and Ernie Fishbach who gave me my first Baglama Saz lesson.

I Studied South Indian Classical Vocal and Instrumental music with Ali Akbar khan

at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music San Rafael California

Classical and traditional Persian radif, Setar and Tar (Persian lute) with Ashkan Ghafouri

Baglama Saz, Setar, Tar and Oud with Ostad Mohammad Nejad

Middle Eastern Dance with John Compton and Rebaba of Habiru, Elizabeth Strong and Sandra

Ottoman Classical Music with Sinan Erdemsel and Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Arabic Drums with Elias Lammam, Mark Bell, Dror Sinai and Souhail Kaspar

Oud technique and the music of Syria, Lebanon and Iraq with Wael Kakish, Naser Musa, and Ali Paris

Afghan Kiliwali music with Matt Wright

North African Gnaawa, Amazigh (Berber) and Andalusian music with Mohamed Aoaulou, and Rachid Halihal

Upcoming 2019 Events, Music Camps and Performances:

August - Lark Camp Mendocino, Ca

December The Great Dickens Christmas Fair Cow Palace, San Francisco

Past Events and Performances:

March 17, 2019: Stanford Middle Eastern Ensemble Winter Show featuring Ali Paris. 3pm in Toyon Hall. Free and open to the public!

April 13-14th 2019 Rakkasah

May 2008 - Nejad World Music Ensemble and Ballet Afsaneh