Getting Good with

First of all we look at some good tips for searching with Google

    1. Alter the kind of search that Google does by changing your default to ‘safe search’. Look for the search settings         cog wheel.

    2. Put speech marks around words if you want an exact match; eg when you Google Allanah King you get
         5,360,000 hits. When you Google “Allanah King” you get 4,710 hits.

        'What do you love?'
searches a heap of Google tools all at once.

3. Try a Google Voice Search- it is quite stunning because it is conversational! 

4. Try and advanced Google Search looking for just pdfs or just Powerpoints or search by reading level. 
        Click on the cog wheel again.

  • Here are some other great search engines.

1. Boolify, is a search engine that would help children understand the concept of Boolean Searches- and, or, not etc.

2. Here are some alternative image search engines that you search for creative commons images that are free for you to use rather than stealing other people’s work from Google Images.




         - Free Digital Photos - heaps of great photos free in small size - good for web presentations