Other Apps

These Chrome apps work without accessing the internet. They will synch when you next get on line.

These apps will need internet access to work.

1. Google Classroom- use this web app to find your Google Classroom application easily- requires a GAFE domain.

2. Video Notes- with Video Notes you can play a YouTube video and take notes at the same time. You can then click on the notes and it will take you to the part of the video where the notes began. It can then export to your Google Drive or Evernote. Here is a quick practice video- record the animals you can see.

3. Pixlr Editor- this is a pretty impressive photo editor, similar to Photoshop but on line and free. Here are some great video tutorial to support learning how to use it by becoming familiar with some easy photo editing problems. It is also a web app for the non Chrome people.

4. Powtoon- make presentations and animated videos.

5. Movenote allows you to screencast your presentations or slides and export to your Google Drive or download as an mp4. This video show you what it's all about. Great for flipping your classroom on your Chromebook. Sadly Movenote has now moved to a paid subscription model - $5 per student, $49 for a teacher per year. 

YouTube Video

6. Booktrack Classroom- adds audio and sounds to a book and keeps pace while you read. Also an iPad app and an Android app. Here is a blog post about how it can be used with a video of it in action.


7. Quicknote - make quick notes that can be saved on line and accessed anywhere- linked to Diigo.

8. A Whiteboard App- use to draw while screen sharing to collaborate on a drawing.


9. Easy Chalk On Line Whiteboard- The joy of this on line Chrome Web App and Website is that it works on any browser or device- you can draw, add your own images and even easily create QR codes with it. Click on the wee flag bottom left to make sure the instructions are in English.

10. Google Keep- a note and reminder app- works when you are not on line as well.


11. Voice Note- voice to text application- even with my kiwi accent I have found it to be very accurate. Very simple to use.

13. Blendspace is a really easy way to present visually movies, graphics, text and presentations. The spaces can be embedded in blogs or other web spaces.

14. Class Dojo is a very cool cross platform (iPad, Android and Web) app you can use a class management and reward incentive and an engaging way to take the class roll.

16. Soundcloud- the joy of using Soundcloud is that you can record via you iPad or Cromebook or laptop and it ends up in the same place with an embed code to put on your blog. Example of a embed Soundcloud. 

17. Twisted Wave- an online audio editor app that can take audio from Soundcloud or an upload, edit it and export it to your Google Drive. Here is a nice tutorial from Eric Curts.


18. Garden Puzzle Planner- free version lets you construct a garden design with plantings, structures and accessories.


20. Lucidpress- sort of like Publisher for a Chromebook with interesting templates to get yourself started.


21. Padlet/Wallwisher- instant access to your Wallwisher walls.

22. Readium - allows you to read ePubs made with Book Creator on iPad with the audio- YouTube how to.

23. QR Scan- reads QR codes using your web camera.

24. Snag It- You need both the Snag It Web App and Snag It Extension to take screen grabs and annotate them. Screengrabs saved to Google Drive.

25. Socrative for Teachers and Students- I haven't used it personally but others in 1-1 classrooms find it useful to gauge student learning. Here is a short video showing how one teacher uses it. It is also available on the iPad. It needs to be installed on both Teacher and Student devices.


26. Canva use this Chrome web app to add to text to images, similarly to Haikudeck. This video will give you an idea of how it works.

How Canva works

 27. Soundtrap- use this to record instruments and do multi-track audio editing.


28. Loupe Collage- make shape collages out of your photos.

29. Pocket with its Chrome extension saves and archives web pages for off line reading.

30. Clarisketch- Only works as an app in Chrome OS so on a Chromebook or via Google Play. Save an image and annotate with drawing and voice so when you play it back the annotation and the audio track synchronise. You have to link to it cos it doesn't embed. Brilliant for giving feedback. Plays back on any device.

31. Explain Everything- like the iPad app. Only works on a Chromebook or via Google Play. Free for a month then you have to pay.

Explain Everything on a Chromebook

32. iWordQ UK- powerful but you pay $20 for it. Read aloud text editor- I haven't actually bought it but it comes highly recommended.

33. Kami (Notable)- allows you to annotate and share PDFs.

34. InspirARTion- Sketch and Draw- my example :-)

35. Zaption- Make interactive video lessons- with analytics. Useful for flipped classrooms. Can be embedded or linking to.

36. Team Viewer- use it to link your Chrome Browser or Chromebook to someone else's to support them remotely.


37. Fluency Tutor - all features are free although the free version doesn't give analytics of learners' reading behaviours. Allows students to record themselves reading and then share that with their teacher.

38. Co-Writer Word prediction that is grammar smart and inventive spelling aware. Speech recognition allows you to speak it, and it'll write it. Untried as yet.

39. Mindmup: A collaborative, free online mind mapping integrated with Google Drive and Google Photos. Here's a video of how it works.

40. Google Read and Write- free for the first month with a fee after that. It will read text to you and support writers. Puts a rather annoying little icon on your task bar.

41. Stop Motion AnimatorA simple tool for creating stop motion animation sequences using a webcam.