This website is being built by Allanah King to support learning about all the clever things that you can do with Google

She is a MOE accredited facilitator who can come to your school and support your students and teachers in their use of digital technologies.

Allanah is a Google Certified Teacher, class of 2013 and Google Education Trainer 2014


If you would like to drop me a file to my Google Drive all you need to do is click on this box and write your name and upload the file. Here is the shared to view Google folder that your files will end up. If you want to do this for yourself watch this video and copy and personalise the script.

Note to self: Use keyboard shortcuts to change the selected text's size in a Google Suite document.

                Decrease:     Control/Command + Shift + <

                Increase:       Control/Command + Shift + >

1. We are playing with this Google Doc 

Click here to get to our first Google Doc.

  • Research- images, referencing, scholar, quotes etc
  • Creating new docs from templates made by others- Create a doc- File- New- From template- or Connect it from your create menu by Connect More- Drive Template.
  • Add Ons for Google Docs
  1. TextHelp Study Skills- highlight and collate text within a Google Doc
  2. Easy Accents- easy way to write Māori Macrons as you write on a Google Doc
  3. Reader- reads a Google Doc aloud for you- always starts at the top of the page
  4. WriQ- Helps you keep track of your writing and check for quality but it asks for a lot of permissions- some people think it's great.
  5. Story Speaker- makes interactive stories that can be read aloud.
  6. Copy Comments- allows comments to be copied- Google Docs
  7. Doc to Form- turn a Google Doc into a form. Here is a video to show you how.
  8. Link Chooser- add links to your Google Docs without having to leave the doc itself.
  9. g(Math)- allows you to handwrite on a Google Doc. Here is the video to show you how.
  10. Tag Cloud Generator- make word clouds of your most used words in a doc
  11. Avery Labels- merge names etc with sticky labels for printing.
  12. Mind Meister- turn a bulleted list into a mind map
  13. Thesaurus- get other suggestions for similar meaning words
  14. Template Gallery- to use other people's templates
  15. Mail Merge- from a Google Spreadsheet
  16. Lucidchart- to draw mindmaps and flowcharts
  17. Extensis Font Set- add a whole lot of extra fonts
  18. Doc Tube- saves opening up a new tab when viewing linked You Tube Videos in a Doc

2. We are playing with these Google Presentations

This is how it looks like on a blog- Moturoa's blog post - Five Things Google Presentation

3. We are playing with Google Draw

  • Here are a few more Google Draw examples to show you what can do...

Remember you can embed a Google Drawing in the same way you can embed a Google Presentation.

4. We are playing with Google Forms

Here is a useful set of help articles around using all things Google.

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Here is a great video that explains the SAMR model as it might relate to Google Docs.

Video of how teachers at Magee Elementary School use Google Apps to personalise learning in their classes.

Sandy Lediard from 
Rongotea School told me how using Google has transformed her practice.

Sandy talks about Google at Rongotea School

Here is a crowd sourced Google Presentation that you can add to that shares ways teachers can use Google Applications.

You can also add your ideas to this Google Doc.

Creative Ways to Use Google Applications

Point England School in Auckland share their use of Google Applications and Chromebooks.

Point England Google Video

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