Google Sites

Go to Google Sites from the Google Search Page

Go create site, think of an original URL for it. Select a theme. Start writing.

Here are some sites that I have been practising with...

To create a Google site for yourself here is a tutorial lesson plan from Google.

Here is a great video that takes you through all the good basics of creating a Google Site site right from the beginning.

YouTube Video

How to set up a Table of Contents for your Google site for when you have a really big page that is tricky to navigate.

How to insert a Table of Contents

How to set up a list page on a Google Site- great for organising activities and resources.

Setting up a list page- from Fiona Grant

To embed something like a Vimeo video go INSERT - Embed Gadget- and make sure the size is right and Vimeo will embed. The first part of this video shows you how.

Then you may want to set up a domain for your site. Chris Betcher made this video on how to do that.

YouTube Video

This resource gives a great indication of how to get your header to sit nicely at the top of your Google Site. 900x200px is what I have found works quite nicely by trial and error.

This guide by Claire Amos shows you how to set up page level permissions.

YouTube Video

Tim Gander posted this video about the Google Application Site Maestro that allows you to make a template site, name it, push it out to students and monitor their updates to their sites.

Other tutorials

Changing the Google Header Bar

Open it in Photoshop and turn on and off the layers and change the text to see what you can do once you have created your main header image. Once done you can hide/show (drag in) new images and just change the writing for the different sites. For each site you just Go to Menu and File -> Save for Web Devices and Save it then upload into the Google Site. 

To delete photos that you have uploaded go Manage Site and look at the Attachments.

A video of couple of ways of adding an embedded audio file to a Google Site 

Embedding Audio Files- mp3

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22 May 2012, 20:31