Google Drive

How to do things in the new Google Drive....

  • Tutorial: Moving and organising shared docs in shared folders
  • Tutorial: How to move files into multiple folders 
  • Tutorial- how to get a notification if someone changes a file in a shared folder.
  • Tutorial: Selecting multiple Files SHIFT or COMMAND
  • Tutorial: Send a link to a specific file
  • Tutorial: What has happened to shared with me?
  • Tutorial: How to search your Drive for docs made by one particular user.
  • Tutorial: Adding Doc Templates 
  • Tutorial: Make a copy of the document
  • Tutorial: How to get the colour exactly right using the Eye Dropper Extension
  • Tutorial: Searching for docs by who owns them
  • Tutorial: How to add a comment directed to a specific collaborator 
  • Tutorial: How to make side by side tables in a Google Doc
  • Tutorial: Make sure that Office Docs are editable in Drive 
  • Tutorial: How log out of all Google Apps at once- if you have forgotten to log out somewhere.
  • Tutorial: How to point people to a particular place on a long Google Doc.
  • Tutorial: How to decrease the row size of your file list Q
  • Tutorial Video: How to add a file to multiple folders- Be in your Drive and hold down ALT/Option while dragging the file- instead of it being blue you will see a green plus
  • Tutorial Video: How to change the default font and font size in Google Docs
  • Tutorial Video: How to upload Word Docs so that they are converted to Google Docs Format
  • Tutorial: How to embed a video from your Google Drive into your Google Site
  • Tutorial Video: How to use the Google Doc Outline Tool
  • Tutorial Video- How to set expiration dates for Google Docs
Voice typing from a Google Doc- Tools- Voice Typing- it works well.

Change the default font and font size in Google Docs

This short video gives a quick introduction to the wonders of using the new Google Drive.

The New Google Drive

This video shows how Google Docs work.

YouTube Video

And here is a YouTube tutorial that covers a lot of what we are going to do as well.

YouTube Video

In early 2014 Google Doc Add Ons were added to Docs and Spreadsheets- these will add lots of new functionality to using Google Drive. Here is a video to show you how to add add ons.

How to add Add Ons

To get there first of all from the very beginning you need to go to your Google search page. If you already have a Google account you can sign in but if you haven't you will need to create a Google Account (gmail). It doesn't take long. It may prompt you for your cell phone number- that is very handy if you later set up a Google Calendar.

To get started just sign in or create an account.

Once you have done that you will have access to a vast array of clever Google things like
This session will focus on the clever things you can do with Google Docs
  • Google Documents- think word processing
  • Google Spreadsheets- think Excel or Numbers
  • Google Forms- think surveys
  • Google Presentations- think Powerpoint or Keynote
  • Google Drawing
  • Google Uploads- uploading pdfs, Pages etc and thing you have made on your computer.

The cleverest thing of all is how you can share your documents with others- to collaborate with them to get them to help you write your stuff rather than have emails go backwards and forwards with revisions.

Features we will look at are
  • how to format a doc, make it interesting, adding hyperlinks and images etc
  • creating docs, forms, spreadsheets etc
  • setting up permissions for who can view or edit your docs
  • searching through your docs
  • exporting in different file formats
  • revision history
  • collections (folders)

Here is a link to an already cooked Google Spreadsheet to practice with

You can also browse and use templates made by other people in Google.

Here some ideas on how to use Google Docs


These slides came from Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways series of collaborative Google Docs.

Here is a more detailed video of how Google Apps for Schools works- 29 minutes

A short tutorial on how to share a Google Doc...

How to share a Google Doc

Here is a video in 120 seconds that shares how the SAMR model applies to Google Docs.

This resource from Tony Vincent shares a variety of ways of sharing Google.  You can transform the shareable link into a Preview, Copy, Template, or PDF link.