Cool Chrome Extensions

1. Diigo- save and share your bookmarks on line

2. Google URL Shortner- and QR code maker!! It's going to stop working soon

3. a. Drive Slides- creates a Google Slides presentation out of a Drive folder of images.
    b. Slide Shotcreates a screenshot every minute and saves the image in Google Drive. Choosing finish, the screenshots automatically are imported into a Google Slides presentation. 

4. Too Many Tabs- Archive your tabs if you've got too much going on.

5. Talk and Comment- a great little extension that gives you a tiny, unobtrusive icon on the right hand side of of your Chrome browser ready to record feedback and automatically gives you a link to place in your Google Doc, Facebook, Twitter or where-ever. Seems to slow down Docs.

Move It- It is not good to sit down for long periods of time in front of your computer. With this extension you set the timer and a new tab opens up and suggests some easy 10 second movements to keep your mind and body active.

7. Select and Speak works with Google Docs or Speak It or Chrome Speak will read aloud text that you have highlighted on the web.  

8. Gradebook Split- handy if you regularly want two Chrome windows to sit side by side. Video tutorial or Tab Scissors.

9. Black Menu- gives you quick access to your favourite Google services with a convenient drop-down menu that lets you use filter your searches without having to open a new tab.

10. Nimbus- Capture all or part of any web page. Chose selected area and download.

11. Print Friendly and PDF- Makes print friendly PDF type pages of web pages.

12. Feedly- for managing your RSS feeds.

13. Turn off the Lights- dims the rest of the screen so you can just watch the video.

14. Last Pass- remembers your passwords and makes strong passwords for you.

15. Announcify- reads web text and blurs out the the part not being read so readers can focus on the text. Fabulous for low or partially sited readers as it reads aloud the main body of text on a web page blurring out the text that is not being read and highlighting the text being read. Similarly Readability declutters web articles to make them easier to read- can inverse colours as well.

Visor does similarly but doesn't read the text. It darkens the text the you are not focussing on taking away distractions.

16. Padlet Mini- quickly put things you like from the web onto a padlet which can then be embedded elsewhere.

17. Citable- Saves quotes and notes from the web and puts them in a spreadsheet- good for researchers.

18. One Click Timer- Adds an easy countdown timer that plays a little tune when it's done.

19. App Launcher Customiser- lets you move around the apps in your Google Quick Start Menu so you see the ones you use most often. 

20. Pinterest- Quickly visit your pins and pin stuff

Ponder This Pond Extension for Kiwi Teachers Only. For easy tagging things to The Pond

22. Turn Off the Lights- makes everything but the You Tube video you are watching disappear.

23. Screencastify- for recording your screen with an audio overlay.
      Webcam RecordRecord 30 seconds of video using your webcam. The video is automatically saved to Google Drive and the link to the video is copied to your clipboard.

24. Project Naptha- makes text within images etc selectable.

25. Crafty Rights- forces to use all Google images searches to be free from copyright restrictions.

26. Crafty Text- writes large text over a website- would make copying a URL easier.

27. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides- Edit Microsoft Office Documents within Google Drive.

28. Notable PDF- add this extension and you will be able to write on PDFs, share and embed.

29. Google Docs Quick Create- Create docs, forms, presentations and drawings with one click from the toolbar.

30. Grammarly- ensures your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.

31. Share to Classroom- instantly share links to Google Classroom Classes

32. Colour Enhancer- calibrate Chrome to get the best experience if you are colour blind. 

33. Extensity- use it to quick turn off and on your other extensions so they don't slow things down. Here's a video to show you how it works.

34. The Great Suspender- rather than you turning off your extension manually this one shuts them down automatically after a time.

35. Google Tone- exchange URLs to anyone in earshot.

36. Evernote Clipper- clips web pages and saves them to Evernote

37. Pocket- easily save web pages for viewing later in an easy on the eye text. As a bonus get the mobile app and it will read the article aloud. Here is a blog post sharing how it works from Eric

38. Open Dyslexic- makes everything into an open dyslexic font- including Google Docs- not tried by me at the moment.

39. Bitmoji- make your own avatar

40. Save to Chrome- a Pinterest like visual bookmarking tool

41. Auto Text Expander- makes it so you type a combination of letters as a key in and email and it auto-expands that to be sentences- handy of you are writing the same thing often. This video shows you how.

42. Anatomy Viewer- look at the human system.

Go looking for other extensions that you like the look of.......