Our Founder:  George Werth (1930-2000)


 Humble beginnings for George Werth and his Wife of 49 years, Rosemary, forged the blueprint for the GG&T Cattle Co. of today.  As a young man George was involved showing and breeding livestock together with his Father and brothers, showing carload Horned Herefords at the Denver Stockshow.  10 months after marriage to Rosemary, George was inducted into the service for a 2 year tour during the Korean Conflict, stationed in Germany.  Already George had started his Hereford seedstock with purchases of 5 Hereford Heifers from his father’s herd.  After his return from the service his herd continued to grow as did his family.  George, Rosemary, and their 5 children became regular exhibitors of Breeding cattle at many major livestock shows as well as local ones.  George Werth Herefords became a standard of Quality cattle, highly culled, and bred for desirable traits.  The first annual production sale was held at the Ranch in 1976.

 In 1983 The George Werth family made a bold move with the purchase of  the Salers bull “Kardinal”.  Truly impressed and excited by this new breed, the family aggressively bought, promoted and marketed these Salers cattle.  George personally made an enormous amount of road-trips to Canada to import Salers seedstock for the new Salers herd.  “George Werth Herefords” became “GG&T Land & Cattle Co., and their first Salers production sale was held at the ranch in 1984.  To attest to the rapid growth of the new company, for  many  years the cattle company has registers the most calves born with the American Salers Assn.

 George kept finely tuned to the cattle industry.  Changes in momentum, or style affecting cattlemen and what cattlemen wanted from seedstock producers were never to escape the attention of George.  George traveled the country extensively attending sales and cattle events, always visiting with fellow cattlemen both commercial and registered.  George valued the time he spent visiting with cattlemen and women.  Many friends, customers and fellow exhibitors have commented on the willingness and  ability of George to lend an ear to their concerns and comments.

 George set high standards for his cattle and his legacy.  A tribute to George, under his leadership, the family is now in their 4th generation of cattle breeders.    Even though he can never again be with us in person at this event, the standard of excellence and commitment to quality that he always ascribed to shall continue at GG&T just as he wished for it to.  Just as he shall never be forgotten, neither shall these qualities instilled by him be forgotten.