Here is a list of suggested readings to get prepared for the meeting.
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Noel Brady, Tim Riley, Hamish Short, The geometry of the word problem for finitely generated groups, Advanced Courses in Mathematics CRM Barcelona, Birkhäuser-Verlag, 2007
Calegari, scl, Mathematical Society of Japan Monographs, to appear in 2009.

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Slava Grigorcuk and Igor Pak, Groups of intermediate growth: an introduction for beginners, arXiv:math/0607384
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Walter Neumann and Mike Shaprio, A short course in geometric group theory, Notes for the ANU Workshop January/February 1996
Mark Sapir, Some group theory problems, arXiv 0704.2899
Hamish Short (ed) MSRI notes on hyperbolic groups, (version pdf by public demand) Group Theory from a Geometrical Viewpoint (E. Ghys, A. Haefliger, A. Verjovsky, ed) Proc. ICTP Trieste 1990, WorldScientific, Singapore, 1991, 3--64
Wikipedia page on geometric group theory