In December 2009 we held a workshop and short courses around the topic of geometric group theory, with particular emphasis on new ideas and directions of research in the field, and connections to analysis, statistics, probability, enumerative combinatorics, geometry and topology, and logic.

Short course presenters: Danny Calegari, Caltech
                                                    Graham Niblo, Southampton
Public lecture: Special talk by Daryl Cooper at BrisScience on Monday 14 December, 6:30pm City Hall

"What is" talks by Yves de CornulierDaniel GrovesJoseph Maher, and Alexei Miasnikov
Research talks: Noel Brady, Oklahoma.
                                Daryl Cooper, UC Santa Barbara
                                Yves de Cornulier, Rennes
                                Moon Duchin, Michigan
                                Daniel Groves, UI Chicago
                                Elmas Irmak, Bowling Green State
                                Olga Kharlampovich, McGill
                                Joseph Maher, CUNY
                                Jon McCammond, UC Santa Barbara
                                Alexei Miasnikov, McGill
                                Masato Mimura, University of Tokyo
                                Walter Neumann, Columbia/Barnard
                                Claas Röver, National Univ of Ireland, Galway
                                Anne Thomas, Oxford
                                Sasha Ushakov, Stevens

Organisers:  Murray Elder, University of Queensland
                         Lawrence Reeves, The University of Melbourne
                         Stephan Tillmann, University of Queensland

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the following organisations:
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Australian Mathematical Society
as well as additional support from SMP and the Faculty of Science at UQ