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Severe thickening of the pulmonary arteries induced by an acquired immune response

This figure shows photographs taken through a microscope of a normal lung (B, E), and of lungs from mice immunized and challenged with a fungal antigen (Aspergilllus antigen; C, D, F, G).  The stars indicate pulmonary arteries, please note the thickened arterial wall in the immunized and challenged animals (C, D)  that consists of cuffs of smooth muscle cells (F, G) and contains proliferating cells (G).  Panels H-J show the quantification of the  data.  Reprinted with permission of the Journal of Experimental Medicine.






IL-13 & the control of the state of activation of dendritic cells in the lungs

These figures show data obtained with a flow cytometer, an instrument that measures the fluorescence of cells.  The brightness of fluorescence of the cells is determined by the intensity of labeling with specific antibodies.  In Panel A, the flow cytometry data of control mice (shaded areas) are digitally overlayed with the data of mice challenged with Interleukin 13 (IL-13, dark lines).  The data  show that cells washed from the lungs of mice challenged with Interleukin-13 (IL-13) contain activated dendritic cells, expressing higher levels of CD11c, CD11b, MHCII, CD40, CD86 (dark lines are shifted to the right of the gray-shaded areas).  In Panel B, cells stained with control antibody are shown with dark lines and digitally overlayed (gray shaded areas) with the fluorescence of cells stained with an antibody specific to MHCII.  The intensity of staining of cells washed out of the lungs of control mice (PBS), immunized mice challenged with fungal antigen (Asp. Ag & control prot.), and immunized mice challenged with antigen and given an inhibitor of IL-13 (Asp. Ag & IL-13Ra2-Fc) is indicated by the % positive cells, and by the measurement of the mean fluorescence intensity (MFI).  Panel B shows that treatment with the IL-13 inhibitor decreases the percent positive cells, and the intensity of staining (MFI) with the anti-MHCII antibody indicating a decrease in the state of activation of lung dendritic cells.   Reprinted with permission of the Journal of Immunology.



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