Yes – We are stupid enough to enter and want to feel

the thrill of the hill!

Form Indemnifying the Organisers

Sunday 9th September 2018


The rules and regulations of this event have been drawn up for the benefit and safety of the competitors and spectators and must be strictly adhered to.

The organisers of The Gravity Grand Prix 2018, The National Trust and the Local Council accept no responsibility whatsoever or howsoever caused for any
damage or loss or any entrant’s kart and equipment or any injury to, or death of, the entrants.


I, the undersigned, enter my team into this competition having read and understood the Rules and Regulations as set out in the Information Pack. On behalf of all my team members, I confirm that we jointly and individually accept full responsibility for any damage to our person, kart and equipment.  We accept that any checks carried out by the organisers will not exonerate us from responsibility for the soundness and safety of our vehicle and ourselves. I additionally confirm that I have made all my team members aware of all the above and they have confirmed their agreement to me. In respect of any team members under the age of 18 years, I have full consent for them to participate from their parents or guardians who I have made aware of all the contents of this indemnity.  I will ensure that no other persons participate in the Grand Prix in connection with my vehicle.



Signed by Team Leader____________________________ Date: 9th September 2018


Name in capital letters:   __________________________________________________


Kart name: ___________________________________________________________


The total number of persons in my team including myself is _____________________ 

(Write in number – note maximum number is 4)