November 7 2018

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There will be a club meeting at the RDKB office at 7:00pm this Friday (November 9 2018)
We need to organize volunteers for our Mule Deer Project and up coming banquet, among other things.

May 31, 2018

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The spring Turkey is scheduled for this coming Saturday June 2nd at the GFWA range. We'll start registration around 9:00am.
We will be handing out the 2017 big game awards, our saw and riffle raffle winners will be drawn, and lot's of fun activities and prizes for the kids as well as adults.
There are still raffle tickets available and they will be on sale until the draw takes place after lunch.

The GFWA trap club is now shooting on Thursday nights at 5:30pm weekly.

May 11 2018

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The turkey shoot scheduled for tomorrow is postponed due to the flooding in GF.
We are tentatively planning to have it Saturday June 2nd.
Hopefully the chaos has died down by then.
The riffle raffle and the awards will happen then as well.

May 10 2018

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Due to the flooding and a lack of venue for the May meeting originally scheduled for this Friday, it is postponed until further notice.

April 21 2018

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There are rifle raffle tickets still available and the draw will take place at the spring turkey shoot on May the 12th as well as our awards presentation.
For raffle tickets call Frank at 443-1814 or Brian at 445-2118

April 16, 2018

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The Southern Interior Mule Deer Project is in it's infancy stage. We have collared 22 Mule Deer does throughout the Boundary. Various tests and information was taken from each animal captured including ultrasounds. 
Every doe captured was pregnant, and all but three were pregnant with twins - which tells us great deal already. More volunteer work will be needed in the future for camera trap and vegetation plot monitoring. 

The next club meeting will be at the RDKB office May 11th 7:00 pm.

The spring turkey shoot will be held May 12th at the GFWA range starting at 10:00am
We will be presenting the 2017 awards at the turkey shoot as well.

October 4, 2017

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Well I hope everyone had a good summer and hunting season thus far.
We will be having our first club meeting of the fall on Friday November 3rd at the RDKB office at 7:00pm
The 2018 membership forms are now available on this website and will be at the Winnipeg liquor store soon if they're not already there.
We still have a commitment to fulfill on our brushing project on Miller Creek as not much more has been done since this spring.
We will be discussing that and other issues at the meeting.

May 15, 2017

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Our regular monthly meeting was cancelled last Friday. Due to an issue with flooding, we were unable to use the RDKB meeting room.
We won't be rescheduling the May meeting.
Monthly meetings will resume in the fall.
If you have any questions or concerns, search the executive directory page for who may best be of help.

May 3rd, 2017

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Our spring turkey shoot was big success last weekend. We had lots of kids show up and lots of parents to help out. A special thanks to Tanis Klein, Ryan Klein, and Gary Onions for organizing the event.
The winners are:
 9 & under   - Roanin VanLeur
10 and over - Hunter Denemy

.22 Rifle:
5 & under - Cooper Vanderzande
6-8 years - Wyatt Bryant
9-11 years - Emmitt Philipek
12 & older - Hunter Denemy

Miller Creek Restoration Project -
Thanks to Jamie Hiberson, Gary Onions, Gordie Shaw, and myself who all put in another day brushing at Miller Creek our total hours are now at 102 in total which leaves 98 to fulfill our obligation at which time we will draw the name for the new chainsaw.
Anyone who wants to go up and work at the site throughout the year can do so on their own, just let me or Jamie Hiberson know if and when you plan to go up for a briefing.
We will be organizing a work party in the summer to go up and get more work done once the creek has dried up and we can get ATVs up the trail with people and equipment.

Father's Day Fishing Derby, Jewel Lake -
At this point, it looks like our annual fishing derby will be cancelled due to a lack of organizational support.
A special thanks to our Past President, Craig Kiselbach who created and organized the event which has been a big success for so many years.

April 20, 2017

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 Thanks to everyone who has helped out with our ecosystem restoration project so far. We are organizing a crew to go up on Saturday April 29th for a half day from 8:00 am to 2:00pm. We are up to 100 man hours so far and need 100 more by years end to fulfill our obligation. 
Also, our new GFWA logo caps have arrived and are on sale for $25 each. There is a picture of the caps and the three different colours on the photo gallery page of this site. We will have them for sale at meetings and other club functions.
Direct any questions about the hats or the ER project to

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