February, 2015
NEXT GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday, February 18, 2015
PROGRAM – Cake Decorating with Barbara Smith
Hostesses – Patti Bagley and Norma Curtis

TAD Luncheon – Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Hostess Club: The Woman’s Service Club of Goleta
Luncheon Choices: Chicken Picatta or Salad Bar Cost: $25 Contact: Patti Bagley
Reminder that the March meeting of TAD is the Fine Arts Festival and bring baked goods and photography, etc. Jan Breeding is contact person


Happy February - So many things planned for this month -- Happy Valentine's Day...Happy Presidents' Day...etc.

As we are in full swing for the upcoming March auction -- hurry and bring in treasures to be sold, silent auction items, and gift cards and other items for the baskets.  The Rush is On!

I am proud to be part of your Club as we embrace change and new ideas, and work together for the good of the community and those less fortunate that we are.

Anytime you have questions or need information...let me know if I can help - As your president, I want to work with you and for you!  Patti - 805-794-1522  or Patti Bagley <>

Dessert of the Month

Remember the Dessert of the Month project? It continues and here are some of the recipients of a variety of goodies prepared by our members as thanks for their service. (It also lets people know who we are and what we do in the community.) American Legion Auxiliary, National Disaster Search Dogs, Adamson’s Automotive, Veterans, Sunset School staff and Von’s Ojai staff.

If you don’t recall if you volunteered to provide dessert or the month to do it, call Connie Biggers. Connie has the list of volunteers, the month chosen, and the dessert to be provided.

The people who have received desserts have been thrilled and surprised that we are acknowledging their work as many of them hear only complaints from the public. Another P.R. plus for our club. Keep up the good work ladies.

AUCTION NEWS – “Down on the Farm” Saturday, March 14, 2015: A U C T I O N !!
Auction Chair: Suzanne Farmer


Attention!!!  The countdown to our 14th auction begins now—it is a short 30 plus days to gather donations, make live auction baskets, sort treasure table items, prepare silent auction items and bid sheets, gather wine for the wine pull table (we need at least 50 bottles), prepare items for the jewelry table(s), and gather plants for the plant sale.  And of course the auction program has to be prepared so our guests know what we have to offer (no small job)!

Chairman Suzanne Farmer is calling every member to see what progress is being made on ticket sales as well as asking each member’s help in working to set up the auction room and working on auction day.  If you haven’t volunteered for a job in the past, there is no time like the present. You will have a better appreciation of all the time and effort it takes to make our auction the success it is.  And the best part of being involved—IT’S FUN!

And now the infamous TO Do List:

1.            Each member is requested to bring a bottle of red wine valued at $10 or more AND/OR a large wicker basket (laundry size) to the February meeting or call Barb Cunningham if you need items picked up.

If you have any decorative wine bags to donate, bring them too.  It would be very helpful if you could call Barbara Smith and let her know if you are bringing red wine.

2.            Give your unused jewelry a new home—Barb Cunningham is collecting it.  We can also use trinket boxes, small jewelry boxes, etc.  Bring it to the meeting or call Barb C.

3.            Connie Biggers is collecting all NEW donations, i.e., certificates, merchandise.  She must have everything for the live auction by Feb. 24.  Call her when you have a donation.  Anything received after Feb. 24 will go to silent auction or wherever appropriate.

4.            Treasure table items:  Now is the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning and we can recycle items on our treasure tables.  Keep in mind that the treasure table items are $5 each or set or group.  Of the utmost importance is that the item be clean and unbroken.  If you wouldn’t buy it, then our guests won’t either.  At this time we have very, very little collected so our need is great.  If you need boxes to pack your items, call Barb C. 

 5.            Our Silent Auction is one of our biggest moneymakers but only because we offer quality items (new and used).  Small appliances are welcome but must be clean and in working order.  And we need lots of items as we have very little at this time.

6.            Plant Tables:  Maureen Hannah is the gal to call (or email) about plants.  Attractive pots and healthy plants sell wonderfully well.  A word of caution:  don’t water your plants just before auction day—no one wants plants dripping water all over them and their cars on auction day.  Contact Maureen for info on when and where she wants the plants delivered.

 7.            Storage of Auction Items:  Any items that are for the silent auction, treasure tables, jewelry table (or anything but the live auction and plants) may be stored by calling Barb C and she will arrange to get them to Marge Hatton’s guest house.  We will be having “Sort Day” on Feb. 28, 10 a.m., at Marge’s guest house.  Barb C has lots of boxes, all sizes, so contact her if you need boxes before the Sort Day.  Everyone is welcome to join in the project.

 Cathi Nye has secured storage space at the old Honor Farm (now HELP of Ojai) for our supplies.  She has some items in place now, however, since we are so close to auction day, we think taking items to Marge Hatton’s house for Sort Day will save moving them twice.  Hopefully we will have the space fully functional for storage and sorting next year.  If you need access to our space, Cathi, Patti, Connie and Suzanne have keys to the space

 March 13 is set up day at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.  Plan to pick up auction supplies, baskets, treasure table items, silent auction items, plants and everything we need to set up at the hotel.  When we arrive at the hotel, we will unload and begin the set up.  We need everyone to be there to share the work (and if we set up in the morning, after admiring our work, we have been known to adjourn for lunch to celebrate all our hard work).

 March 14—the Big Day!  Arrive early so you can be in place for your assigned duties.  Some of our guests are so eager to get in, they arrive very early!  Don’t rush away when the auction is over as we have to pack up our supplies and transport them to storage.  Most of all, enjoy the auction.

In addition to gathering donations for the auction, the critical issue is SELLING TICKETS.   No matter how great our auction items, how good the auctioneer or the entertainment, or how delicious the meal, we must have guests to enjoy our offerings and that means selling them tickets.  And we offer the biggest bargain in town at $35.  So talk to everyone you know (and nice strangers if necessary) and sell, sell, sell!

Contact Suzanne, Auction Chairman, if you have questions or Barb Cunningham, Suzanne’s assistant.

Membership Dues are due in March - $35 – Jan Breeding Membership Chair

Leads Candidates (Need to have candidates by April 1, 2015) Patti Bagley

MWFC Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show  SAVE THE DATE:  April 12, 2015 Tickets:  Diana Fowler (805) 529-9760

Ojai Valley Woman's Club  April 2, 2015 - 2:00 p.m.  Reciprocity Tea/Olive Oil Tasting

Alpha Lit and Imp Club Garden Tour and Tea Party noon to 4 - Sat. May 2, 2015 - Tickets are $20 - call Mary Lou Parks 805-737-9742


Barbara Kennedy – 1
Susie Rivers - 2
Kelley Hargett - 15
Connie Biggers - 25
Linda Gray - 25
Sharon Huisman - 27 


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, March 4, 2015, 6:00 p.m. Oak View American Legion Hall

FEBRUARY GENERAL MEETING:  Wednesday, February 17, 2015 – 7:00 p.m.

TAD (Tierra Adorada District) MEETING - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 – FINE ARTS FESTIVAL!


 NEWSLETTER INFO: For Additions to the next newsletter contact Leanna Kennedy (805) 649-9720

 Let us not forget to be kind!

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