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Delaware State Officers 2014-2016

DSFWC President

Henrietta Belcher-Stack
JoAnne Koehler

Sussex County Vice President

JoAnne Koehler
Cynthia Angermeier

Kent County Vice President

Cynthia Angermeier
Mary Homan

New Castle County Vice President

Mary Homan
Muriel Pfeiffer

Recording Secretary

Muriel Pfieffer
Linda Kurpjuweit


Linda Kurpjuweit
Carolyn Forbes

Assistant Treasurer

Carolyn Forbes
Sue Olkowski

Custodian of Student Funds

Sue Olkowski
Elayne Cannarozzi

Corresponding Secretary

Elayne Cannarozzi
Ruth Ann Bilowith


Ruth Ann Bilowith

Programs and Partnerships Chairmen
Arts: Marie Johnson
Conservation Program: Carmetah Murray
Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention: Ann McFarland
Education: Carla Pyle 
ESO Program: Linda Kurpjuweit
Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation: Sue Davis
Home Life Program: Ann Sebastian
International Outreach: Margaret Alexander
Legislation / Public Policy: Stephanie Brown
Public Issues: Pamela McCutcheon
President's Special Projects: Sue Olkowski
Club Management
Public Relations and Communications: BJ Young
Federation Day: Trish Rodriguez
Leadership: JoAnne Koehler
Membership: Judy Palmer
Resolutions: Grace Arles
Women's History: Brenda Morris

Articles of Inc., By-Laws & Standing Rules: Sandra Roberts
Clubwoman Magazine: Rebecca Pernol
Dean of Programs: Jan Conant
Finance Committee: Sue Davis
Nominating Committee: Kay Heinold
Protocol: June Otten
Spiritual Values: Maxine McWhorter-Ungerbuehler

Awards, Contests and Grants
Community Improvement: Blanche Carey
Jennie Awards: Patricia Heather
Media Campaign: Justine Davis
Newsletter: Emme Miller
Photography Contests: Elaine Crowell
Writing Contests: Eva Dupont

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