Reporting procedures for clubs have changed.  Refer to the GFWC Manual at for complete information. 

The major points of the new process include:

  • Clubs will no longer report directly to GFWC.
  • Clubs will continue to report to their respective State Federations in accordance with their respective guidelines
  • Each State President will provide GFWC with a completed Statistical Form that includes the totals from all General, Junior, and Juniorette clubs in their respective state. This form will be available annually in late fall in both electronic and print versions. One copy of the form will be submitted directly to GFWC.
  • In accordance with the Club Creativity Award Entry Cover Sheet guidelines, each State Federation may submit one club entry in each of the two Special Projects, two for each of the six Community Service Programs (one for program projects and one for partnership projects), and one for each of the six Advancement Areas. Judging criteria will be based upon the creativity of the projects submitted. Clubs will not submit entries. The Club Creativity Awards are optional.